After the high profile case was initially suspended on 9 March so that the lawyer of Maria Malveiro could analyse the content of the social report, and then being postponed once again on 15 March, due to a breakdown of the prison van that was transporting the defendants to the trial, the case has once again been suspended at the request of Maria’s lawyer who has asked for 10 days to review the new PJ report.

The PJ’s expert examination report found traces from an unidentified male on one of the tools used in the practice of crime, which were not associated with the victim. This new information has led Maria’s lawyer to request the court to give them an additional 10 days to analyse this report, a request that was accepted.

At the last hearing, on 9 March, the last witness heard by the court, said he saw a car that seemed to be Diogo’s, according to the photos he saw on Facebook, days after the victim’s death. He said that he saw the car at Praia do Vau car park, during the night, surrounded by three people. Two of them he could not identify, but one he said was a man.

Maria Malveiro, 20 years old, and Mariana Fonseca, 24, are accused of the crimes of qualified homicide, desecration of a corpse, two crimes of illegitimate access, one of computer fraud, simple theft and use of a vehicle.

The case is due to resume again on 13 April at 9.15am.

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