If you’ve not yet seen these deals, then it’s worth noting that anyone who is familiar with the Portuguese real estate market will know developers do not offer discounts on their properties unless buying in bulk.

The reason behind this is due to the fact that properties in the Algarve are in such high demand, there is absolutely no need to reduce prices in order to sell.

What's changed?

Surprisingly, due to the current travel restrictions the real estate industry has been saved and even surpassed many expectations as there has been no collection from airports, paying for accommodations, touring locations across the Algarve, cost of fuel and more.

Instead, these savings have in a roundabout way been given straight back to you and other clients from around the world. This is all going to change which is great for your holiday rental income this year and many years to follow!

What are you waiting for?

Buy now with a fantastic reduction and own a property that will bring you a lucrative income long term! And that's not all, the resale value will be amazing if at some point you decide to sell.

But wait, there’s more! You can buy these properties and take advantage of the great payment plans on offer along with potentially getting a Portuguese mortgage if needed.

Check out the below to get an idea of how this would work based on a starting price of 240,000€:

- Initial Price: 240,000€

- After 10% Discount: 216,000€

- 10% deposit: 21,600€

- 10% after 6 months: 21,600€

- 10% after 12 months: 21,600€

- 70% mortgage on completion (80% is possible)

- 0.873% over 40 years on the remaining 151,200€

- 373.31€ payment p/month

On top of this, rental during a high season will be around 1,500€ p/week!

We have also been able to get you a 15% discount on two bedroom units. As they are ultra-exclusive you will need to contact our team for more information because you will not be able to get these details publicly - We call it our sshhhh deal.

Starting at 285,000€, with the 15% discount you can reserve a property at 242,250€. This is a limited deal and will only be available until 2nd April, 2021, so make sure to get in touch.

They are key ready so you don’t even need to purchase cutlery as it’s all provided. Call us NOW for more information on 00351 289 513 434.

You can also request one of our real estate experts to contact you. Simply send us an email on info@idealhomesinternational.com or give us a call!