However, with the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union the rules applicable to purchases made through UK websites have also changed.

What are the new rules?

  • Charges for products purchased online from sellers in other countries now apply to purchases made on UK websites. It is important to read carefully the terms and conditions, as well as the delivery information
  • These purchases are subject to VAT, as they were before Brexit. VAT is paid at the point of sale of the website or at the time of delivery to the consumer. The website must contain this information clearly
  • You can receive from the customs authorities, the postal operator or the courier service an invoice for excise duties or even customs duties to be paid before delivery of the products.
  • A management fee for customs clearance may be charged if the purchase value exceeds €150. This additional cost can be charged by the postal operator or by the courier service on delivery or be included in the final price of the ordered item.
  • Purchases of less value continue to clear customs.

The websites must also contain information about the total price of products and services, including taxes and other charges. If it is not possible to calculate in advance, the consumer should be advised that additional charges may apply.

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