Is it possible to eat in a healthy and sustainable way?

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What does sustainability consist of?

It is known that it involves guaranteeing the advantages of natural resources in the world, adopting highly effective behaviours to ensure the survival of human beings today, but without harming future generations.

In terms of food production, this is one of the major environmental problems. In order to extract food from the land, it is necessary to take nutrients from the soil and emit greenhouse gases into the environment. In addition, there are several impacts of the distribution of these products through the food chain.

Taking into account the crisis that is going on, consumers are starting to save money on food… In other words, people are starting to eat foods with high caloric values and a low content of essential proteins and vitamins, foods we commonly call fast food.

Fast food contains more preservatives to prolong its durability and this problem is made even worse by the excessive use of packaging, usually plastic.

DECO recommends that you reduce your ecological footprint. How? Through food selection.

Choose seasonal and local foods, as they are much richer from a nutritional point of view and have a lesser impact on the ecosystem.

In your daily diet, give priority to the consumption of products of plant origin. Red meats require large areas of land, water and energy.

In supermarket, always choose to bring a list of what you really need and bags for bulk products.

Avoid food waste, for example, with the use of leftovers for cooking new dishes, such as soups or quiches, or pasta. In this way it is possible to save on the environment and your pocket.

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