Whilst at Kenai we were told that the view from the cemetary was wonderful. Having been pre-warned about what to do if you encountered a bear off we went. After about a mile down a quiet road, river on one side, forest on the other, we came upon a sign ‘Cemetary, enquire at the post office’. A bit further on was a small library, so we went in to ask how much further to the cemetary only to be told “You’ve passed it. It’s not what you’re used to, locals are buried beneath the trees”. Once again being told about the bears we back-tracked to walk through the forest. I bet you think I’m now going to say we came face-to-face with a bear! Sorry, we took half a dozen steps into the trees and then decided “no way”! A shame really as it would have been interesting to see this unusual burial site.

Dianne Meakin,