I met Wicky van Deemter, a certified Aroma and Flower Remedy Therapist, who lives in the Algarve. Wicky told me about her passion for organic essential oils and the way she uses them to support her clients in their well-being.

According to Wicky, all essential organic oils have specifically hidden benefits so she can help people to get what they really need. “I’ve a collection of 40 pure organic aromas, but working with pure organic aroma’s requires a certified aroma therapist, as some of the oils can be dangerous in direct contact with the skin. You always have to blend them with pure basic oils, because pure aromas are very powerful and sometimes can result in a unwanted reaction.

Wicky also works with companies. “For instance, if you work with a team, and if you are struggling to make a deadline, or your communication is not good, or you cannot reach your target, what’s really the problem?”, asked Wicky.
For her, a group session might be the solution to find out what the real problem is and then solve them with the help of essential oils.

After a brief introduction to her work, Wicky took me outside the house (it was a beautiful afternoon) and we started to smell pure oils.

Wicky gave me several to try out of the 40 that her healing box contains and asked me to put the ones I liked in one row, the ones I personally rejected in another row and the ones I liked a little bit in the middle, that is, three rows according to my taste.
After smelling several aroma’s, she challenged me to choose my favourites - I picked cinnamon.

And then I kept trying until I found the perfect mix. After several tries, she allowed me to combine orange and cinnamon inside a small bottle with a pure basic oil, which all together formed a fragrance which I loved.

After choosing the oils, Wicky explained to me the hidden benefits of these oils and six more. In addition, she said that the oils I chose are the ones I needed at the moment, that is, instead of asking me questions and giving me the oils according to my answer (something I expected) she “let nature do its work”. People choose what they need at that particular moment; “I experience that constantly in the work I do with my clients”, she clarified.

Seven Essential oils and their hidden benefits

Starting with one that I chose ... Wicky told me that Cinnamon is warming and exciting, she helps to relieve muscle pain, helps to heal blue spots, is inspiring and gives us the warmth to fully live and love.


Lavender is in everything, washing products, cleaning products. However Wicky explained that we must learn to distinguish the difference between what is pure and what is chemical. According to her, lavender helps you to relax and “if you have a sun burn you put some on your skin and it can help to relieve if you have a headache. It’s opens you up more”. Lavender has certain healing aspects; it can provide physical benefits in terms of heart strengthening and can help to lower blood pressure. It can also help in cases of depression, insomnia or gastrointestinal problems.


According to her: ”Iris makes you dream, the hidden message of the Iris essential oil is to enter into the world of fantasy. Iris is a beautiful flower and gives you a balance. When you’re in balance, with both feet in the ground, you can stand strong, even with the influences of the outside world. It’s also a very feminine aroma”.

Grape Fruit
Grapefruit makes you smile again and helps you to concentrate, said Wicky.

Ylang Ylang
This is the oil that lets you take initiatives again. Do you feel blocked? According to Wicky: “When you don’t know what to do or where to go, Ylang Ylang helps your mind to open up again, being creative and helps you to feel free again”. Everything can start flowing again with this oil.

Then we have cedar, this one can give you a feeling of protection and helps us to “stand like a tree”. According to Wicky, “when you have to go into a crowd and you don’t like to be with a lot of people and you put this oil on your wrist, you stay strong like a tree. It can do a lot of good when you have a cold. It can work as an anti-stress oil, because it can make you feel solid as a rock”.

We could continue talking about the 40 oils hidden benefits that Wicky has in her suitcase, but we stopped here with the Jasmine aroma. Jasmine is called “the key to paradise”, she opens you up. She helps you let your emotions flow again, so that you can really communicate about you’re deepest feelings”.