On my way I enjoy the nature, culture, nice food and a drink. This is something to really look forward to when we can once again enjoy even more of the things that were once taken for granted when the Covid-19 measures are lifted.

Begin with relaxing on the beach and at the end settle down somewhere in Porto: that is my goal with this walk. You will not get lost, because if you keep the sea in Matosinhos on your right, it is only a matter of walking. Straight forward! Do you want to end up in Matosinhos? Then start your walk in Porto. In that case, walk to the river and keep it to your left. I usually take an hour or two for the walk. You can also choose to walk part of the way and halfway through hop on a bike or use some public transport.

The metro takes you to Matosinhos beach, where you can get a breath of fresh air at the coast. On a sunny day, let the Vitamin D penetrate your skin while lying on a towel or sitting on a terrace. Grab an ice cream and enjoy the sound of the waves. Pass by the fishermen who wait patiently for their catch and enjoy the beautiful views that change all the time: palm trees, coloured houses, boats, surfers, old buildings, etc.

There are plenty of local restaurants for your favourite Portuguese dish along the way. Listen to traditional Fado or choose to meditate on a rock. Do not forget to take nice pictures of the lighthouses in Foz where you can take in the spectacular high waves. On some days you walk along by small local markets, where you can buy many homemade items. If you are tired of walking, take the tourist tram that takes you to Porto. Then there is the boat that takes you to the other side (Gaia), if you want to take a different path. If you fancy an ordinary but delicious pizza with a view, there is the good Italian. Have you made the entire walk? Then treat yourself to that cold glass of wine in a jazz bar. An energetic walk with a lot of choice!

Recommended in Matosinhos

Food & drink
According to fish lovers, it is a must to eat fish close to the harbour of Matosinhos. Here you have a few streets with only fish restaurants.

Restaurante Mar na Brasa is such a traditional Portuguese fish restaurant, which my boyfriend recommends.

The beach of Matosinhos turns out to be the place to take surfing lessons. So, you can do that too.

On the way you will pass an old fort called Castelo do Queijo. It is interesting for history fans to visit this place.

Things to do in Foz

When you arrive in Foz you start walking on a path right at the seaside. Here you could pause to meditate on one of the many rocks or just on a bench.

In rough weather when the waves reach great heights, you can take spectacular photos of the lighthouses in Foz. But beware of the risk of getting wet!

Occasionally you will find a small, local market in Foz. Usually on a Saturday. You can spot it from the walking path. You can get clothes, but also homemade honey or other treats. Nice to take home as a souvenir and contributing to local businesses at the same time.

Food & drink
Praia da Luz is a hip Portuguese restaurant where you can relax outside on the terrace. In the summer it is a place filled with socialising and a toast to the weekend.

For a vegan lunch or dinner, I recommend restaurant Da Terra. Healthy and delicious food, also for non-vegans.

Casa d´Oro is an Italian restaurant on the Douro that serves delicious pizzas and pastas. Enjoy the beautiful view of Porto with its bridges from here. The setting also has the right ingredients for a romantic date.

Traditional music
To experience the real culture, you should stop at Adega Rio Douro. This is the place to listen to traditional Fado while enjoying a traditional dish with a wine. It is the locals who sing it, and you can judge for yourself how out of tune you think it sounds. They know how to have fun!

Public transport
Where the river just begins, the tram line (number 1) runs on your left. In the summer, the rows of tourists are ready to take a ride to or from Porto. Teenagers have the greatest fun riding along the tram like monkeys. Nice to catch the tram if you are tired of walking.

Do you want to visit Gaia? Then take the ferry called Ferry Boat to Afurada to the other side for €2. You can finish your walk in Gaia with the river on your left. The famous Ponte Dom Luís I bridge will bring you back to Porto.

End satisfied, a bit tired and relaxed in Porto
Mirajazz: the place to have your well-deserved cold drink after a long walk or just to chill, listen to music and socialise. On the terrace you have a nice view of the Douro and Gaia.