This concert was initially scheduled for 20 May, 2020, then it was postponed until 2 June of this year because of the covid-19 pandemic, being now changed again, since the entire European tour of the North American band has been rescheduled. According to the promoter, the tickets that had been purchased for the initial date of 20 May, 2020, as for the date of 2 June of this year, are still valid for the 2022 concert, "without the need for exchange".

On the official website, the Guns N' Roses announce the rescheduling of the tour, and although they do not give any justification, it is certain that it stems from the current pandemic situation, the restrictive measures imposed in the European space and the absence of events for large audiences. The summer tour of the United States and Canada will also be affected, with only the series of concerts in Australia and New Zealand remaining in November.