Criticism for Covid-19 denying Judge

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The president of the Superior Council of the Judiciary considers the position of negation on the covid-19 pandemic assumed by a judge to be “corrosive to the image of justice” and defends changes in the training process and selection of magistrates.

"People cannot understand how such a person is exercising functions", admitted António Joaquim Piçarra, in an interview with the Lusa News Agency, recalling that the Council, "as soon as it became aware of its public positions, quickly acted and opened an investigation and disciplinary process”.

For the president of the Supreme Court of Justice and due to the Superior Council for the Judiciary (CSM), the public stance of the Odemira Court judge Rui Pedro Castro, who assumed that he was against measures taken in the state of emergency with statements against the use of masks and containment measures during the covid-19 pandemic are corrosive to the image of justice.

"There must be greater rigor in the selection of the entrance of candidates to the judiciary", defended António Piçarra, defending the performance of psychological exams on the students of the Center for Judicial Studies (CEJ).

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COVID-19 is a name for a symptom packet assumed to be a result of an infection with SARS-CoV-2 virus. It exists obviously, but does there exist a pandemic that is an unusual threat to health?
That would have to be proven somehow, scientifically, instead of just having fearmongering based on unknowns that are no longer unknown now that we already have over a year of experience to draw from with people and this disease. Is there anything that points to anything unusual with seriousness or deadliness among normal variation of viral infections in the world? I have never seen anything pointing to that in relation to COVID-19, seems it has changed nothing but the media and the lock-dowms.

By K. Lehto from Other on 09-04-2021 04:34

Where does the judge "deny Covid 19"? He critized the measures imposed, which have been totally ineffective worldwide and actually the reason why there have been increased mortality in some countries, states and cities. I'm surprised that they haven't called the judge an ultra-right extremist or Nazi. This seems to be the standard framing for anyone, who questions the narrative.

By Gerhard van Wyk from Algarve on 08-04-2021 02:09

Yet another truth seeker being silenced.
Cancel Culture is Real.
Humanity of Light must not relent to the evil being faced.
We outnumber them. This is their Fear.
Light vs Darkness.
Light WILL Prevail !

By Marcelo S. from Lisbon on 08-04-2021 01:53
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