The number of buyers looking to purchase a property versus the number of properties currently for sale is resulting in a sellers market - it's an interesting time to sell now, or even contemplate it.

Does this mean your property has to be in the spot light? Absolutely not!

You really value your privacy

Your neighbours, acquaintances and friends do not need to know that you are selling your property.

You have an unusual, special or charming property

We are well known for this type of property. Over the 20 years, we have built a strong database of real clients always waiting for us to offer them this type of unique or quality product.

You do not want just any Curious George” viewing your home.

We understand that for each viewing, you have a time and cost factor involved in having your house perfectly presentable. Beautifully styled or charmingly unique will attract nosey parkers Abloom will verify that the buyers that we show your home to have the right budget and the means to actually buy your property.

You can take advantage of the current sellers market

Your property photos, description and price do not need to be splashed all over the internet. Algarve's climate and Portugal's favorable visa and tax incentives have generally resulted in a high demand for property, however more recently there has been a sharp increase in demand for 3 reasons:

1.) Buyers are looking for 2nd homes which offer a better environment to their lock down city lives.

2.) There are buyers who want to relocate with some degree of haste before the change in the Golden Visa scheme which takes effect at the end of this year.

3.) New International schools in the area has made it more appealing to younger families too

You are undecided, why not test the waters

You might be contemplating a change: buying a larger(or smaller) home, maybe interested in designing a dream new project, or possibly relocating…whatever the reason, if you list your property as a Whisper Listing, this will give you the opportunity to establish the market appetite without full exposure


Whilst our Whisper Listings are based on the principle of discretion, we always strategise a bespoke plan for each and every owner because not one person or property is the same.

If you would like to discuss how best to market and value your property, we look forward to hearing from you.

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