His research and many years of hard work have changed the way we understand the Maya civilization. The book explores his discoveries and his endeavors that take him to remote jungles, inaccessible areas most of them uninhabited.

We get a glimpse of his exciting adventures and an understanding of how difficult his expeditions are. We share the excitement and disappointment with him including the dangers he encounters. He has been hailed by some as “a real-life Indiana Jones”

Ivan Šprajc is professor of archaeology in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Most recently, he was credited with the discovery of the Chactún and Lagunita sites in 2013 and 2014.

The book has wonderful illustrations and is organised chronologically. You can’t help to get excited at his breathtaking accounts and his writing has a charm and nostalgia to it. I found him quite humorous as well.

You also get to understand what it feels like to be a modern archaeologist and how important his research has been.

This is an exciting read and his wealth of information on the Maya culture is amazing. You get a feeling this is a deeply personal quest. I was so enthralled that I was disappointed when I finished the book.

This book will appeal to historians, budding archeologists and adventure seekers. I would highly recommend you add the “Lost Maya Cities” to your reading pile.

Lost Maya Cities - Ivan Sprajc