More than 9,000 people who reached Portugal’s borders forced to quarantine

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More than 9,000 people who arrived at Portugal’s borders since April 1 have quarantined for arriving from the United Kingdom, Brazil, South Africa and other countries with 500 cases of covid-19 per 100 thousand inhabitants

Since April 1st, people arriving from the UK, Brazil, South Africa or countries above the threshold, such as France or Italy, and arriving at the Portuguese borders are obliged to fulfil a 14-day period of prophylactic isolation.

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Are you sure that people arriving from the UK are still required to isolate for 14 days? I thought arrivals had to present a negative test on boarding transport to Portugal , complete a locator form and would be subject to screening on arrival. I see nothing in the advice about isolating. Please will you clarify this. Thank you

By Kate Morgan from Algarve on 18-06-2021 02:57

Today we live in a Dictatorship.
Thats all there is to it.

By Diogo M. from Lisbon on 10-04-2021 04:18

?? I don't get it? We have been locked in at England for a year, no travel allowed yet 9000 a week arrive in Portugal? out of thin air?
Is this the Portugal version of 'The Magic Money Tree?
This is ~500,000 a year who have bypassed the law restricting travel?

By Pete E from UK on 10-04-2021 07:46

Where is this quarantine served? In a Prison? In a Hotel chosen by authorities? Who pays for it? Can you quarantine in the accommodation you have reserved? If so many have done it, there should be answers. All I see when I seek information is "at home, or at a place indicated by local health officials" but what are the places indicated for people who have no residence in Portugal, or for those who might acquire residence from abroad in order to move to Portugal? Where to get info on where to quarantine? I would gladly quarantine rather then get a swab stuffed up my nose also, if there was an option to avoid those horrible tests and choose a quarantine of sufficient length I would prefer that for medical invasion of my body so that I could return to Portugal and never leave again. Lock-downs are horror, but they are horror everywhere. Let me back in Portugal and stop all this evil inhumanity!

By K. Lehto from Other on 09-04-2021 04:43

I find it very hard to believe that all these 9000 people who have entered Portugal since the 1st April are Portuguese citizens or legal residents which should be the case under a state of emergency. Who monitors these 9000 people to make sure they are isolating and not causing the spike we are experiecing ?

By Keith Mason from Lisbon on 09-04-2021 03:03
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