“At this time in 2020, I was far from imagining that we would have to organise virtual races, but the pandemic and its tragic evolution, dictated it. Today I feel that we have done our best, taking into account what is allowed in the context of sporting events”, said club president, Carlos Moia.

The distance of the virtual events can be completed in a single day or in stages, on each of the seven days of the calendar, always between Monday and Sunday, which includes three 10-kilometre runs (12-18 April, 26 April 2 May, 10 to 16 May) and as many as five (19 to 25 April, 3 to 9 May to May and 17 to 23 May).

“I am experiencing mixed feelings; on the one hand the enormous sadness that we are still unable to organise greater face-to-face events, on the other hand, the certainty of accomplishment. With the help of our partners, our athletes, amateurs and professionals in a virtual format”, concluded Moia.

The first 5,000 finalists will receive a medal, regardless of the number of events completed.