Lina Messias was a number’s lady for 17 years when she worked as a financial manager, but a burnout crisis was a pivotal point which made her realise that her life had to change.

At that time, she and her husband, decided to create Serenity – Centro de Bem Estar & Wellbeing in Lagoa, Algarve. Two years later, she began to become interested in feng shui, because of the importance that home decor had in her life.

Getting home and having walls that embrace us or a workplace where we feel productive is very important. Unfortunately, sometimes we cannot feel it at all and feng shui may be the answer in order to make a house a really homy place. “What do I do? I make suggestions for people to have in their homes based on what they want for their lives”, she said.

Although feng shui is an ancient Chinese art, the method that Lina uses is the Western one. That means “the way I suggest to clients to change the house is in a way according to the western lifestyle. I would never tell customers to have dragons”, she explained.

The school of feng shui that she follows is the school of the black hat. She describes it as very intuitive, based on “everything around us that influences us and is symbolic. For example, if I am a single woman and I want to find love, having paintings of women alone at home, that painting is representing loneliness, it will not attract what I want in my life”, she clarified.

In addition to workshops, Lina gives face-to-face consultations on site – either at home or in the workplace.

Feng shui specialists use several tools, one of them as energy cleaning in the house, but also harmony between the five elements: earth, water, metal, fire and wood. Besides that, she needs to have access to the architect’s plan of the house to make measurments for the process.

All in all, feng shui is not only about space. “When I consult a company or a family, I do an energetic analysis of the person, because it doesn’t make sense just to consult the space. So I use karmic astrology, I make a birth chart report, to understand in what stage of life they are regarding with what they want - it can be financial prosperity, it can be love, it can be creativity, a change in careers or an improvment in a career. There are several areas of life that feng shui benefits”, she said.

Lina Messias works a lot with companies and she believes that bringing spirituality to the business world is her mission. “What I share with the entrepreneurs I work with: is that money can never be the objective, the goal is to change our being and money is a consequence. We have to be better people, better entrepreneurs - to do better, to have more. When this part is turned over, you can never have more money”, she said.

Lina really believes in what she does and she considers herself a living proof of that. “In fact, the best sharing is through experience. Imagine if I were here talking about feng shui and my home is a mess, what kind of authority would I have? First, we have to do it ourselves, to set an example”.

Speaking of tidiness, what does it mean to be messy or very tidy?

A messy house perhaps means a lack of the metal element at home, says Lina. “The metal element brings us some kind of discipline - making an agenda, structuring”. She adds: “Usually it has to do with excess of the earth element which is mainly attachments, when there is an attachment to the material, there is also difficulty in detaching emotionally”.

On the opposite side, a very tidy person, usually means “excess of metal, and this can rise to mental rigidity, usually people who have OCD (Obsessive-compulsive disorder), this is down to excess metal - it brings us mental rigidity, it does not allow us to listen to different opinions”, she told The Portugal News.

Feng Shui Tip

A tip that Lina shared with us is called command position, a very important one in feng shui. According to her, we must have the command position in three places in our house, on the stove, in the bed and in the place where we work (office or desk).

The command position is a position that unconsciously brings us power. “The command position is to have a back wall, to be able to view who enters the room and have an interesting view, if possible. We should be able to do this in these three places and in our work as well. The wall behind is called a black turtle, that gives us feelings of protection”, said Lina.

The same in the bed: “when we are laying down we must always see who enters inside, with vision to the door, but not in front of the door”, she explained.

The most complicated one is the stove, unless you have a Kitchen Island. In these cases, Lina recommends to put a mirror in front of the stove to be able to see who is coming from behind.