When a person extolls a profound deep faith and belief what is the actual reason for the statement, your understanding, conclusion and the fundamental meanings expressed and thoughts that have arisen?

Think of the truth of your thoughts that occur from their voiced position. Why you think what you do and your own held views that manipulate our thinking process and decisions that we take?

Interact with tolerance and stop to consider the inherent educational progress that has caused your rigidity and pigeonholing of the others ways. We all do this no matter what we say or who we are. It is not wrong, but the clarity of why our emotions are stirred and our opinions taken once viewed truthfully and with complete candour can allow us to evaluate and see what drives our conclusions and thought positions due to the dogmas learnt that cloud our opinions and can cause us to hate.

Why can it be so difficult for us to listen clearly to another’s views? Interrupting and only waiting for the other to cease talking so we can retort and explain their error and the correctness of our learned thinking. Is it not apparent that if we pay attention to whatever is said the lesson learnt will broaden your perspective and alter, inform your own strongly held views. For it is in giving grace to the others words and realising we do not ultimately know why they utter them, that we start to hear the reality of their truth and so can relate and suddenly realise they are not your better nor you superior to them. You are both perfect and are merely trained if it seems so to be foes by judgemental attitudes that one has been indoctrinate into and hence caused an entrenchment because we have been enlisted into an opinion and ingrained with an intransigent maximum.

Is it not that the apparent opponent is of the same intransigent intrinsic mind set? You are born perfect and in total union with all that exists and the reasoning why, where, when and how are impossible for any to know. There is only one truth and it is the fundamental irrefutable one that every single person knows. This is why it is the truth one and all can follow without illusions to blur its meaning or cloud its perfection. It’s called love.

Love, unconditional love will lead you and one and all to become aware of your perfection and of that perfection in all who exist and with life you share. You are born with it enveloping the air. Radiating from all present and the only thing that is truly important is the love for the life that has seemingly just appeared. The smell, taste, sound of it fills the air with a completeness that is instantaneous and not imaginary yet silent in most aspects but totally and unequivocally there. Whatever happens from that second onwards is not because the life was born in error. It happens and happened for a purpose and our understanding of this will be as yet none, but will grow as the evolution of the life before one is destined to do.

All irrefutably know the only thing the child is born with is undeniably and universally the same the world over. The thing we recognise and call unconditional love, one and one the same. Therefore I countenance that spirituality is the acceptance and acknowledgment that unconditional love is the universal and only base for the true expression of spirituality.

Nikita Karma Chang Chub IS a 58 year old Buddhist Scottish woman who has travelled and studied people and their religious practices for over forty years. Honoured to known as Nikita Didi in Nepal. Ever wrong is caused by actions of inhumanity to sentient beings in all its forms of life.