The research by Martel is extensive and she gets to meet and interview people who live, work and are inspired by the magic of the glaciers. We explore their adventures with her as she is able to capture their stories perfectly. This includes scientists, climbers and protesters amongst others.

Lynn Martel grew up in Montreal. Since the 1980’s she has lived in the Canadian Rockies, where she writes about mountain adventure, culture, science, history, and personalities. Her work has appeared in numerous newspapers and magazines.

Without a doubt this is a deeply personal book and you can’t help but be moved by her passionate approach to save the glaciers. The photos are beautiful and have been taken by some of Canada’s best outdoor photographers.

You do not need to be a climate expert to understand ‘Stories of Ice’, Martel writes with warmth and humour and the terms and phrases she uses cater for the lay-person. This book will definitely highlight the challenges faced and might inspire others to care more about these amazing places.

This is a must read if you are interested in the effects of climate change. You won’t look at glaciers the same way after reading this book.