Shopping centres reopen on Monday

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Shopping centres and all other shops can reopen on Monday, regardless of their size, but will have to comply with maximum capacity rules set by the Directorate-General for Health.

This comes as part of a third stage of the deconfinement process.

It applies to most of the country, except in seven counties (Alandroal, Albufeira, Beja, Carregal do Sal, Figueira da Foz, Marinha Grande and Penela), which will continue with the rules currently in force and four other (Moura, Odemira, Portimão and Rio Maior), which will retreat to the 'tighter' rules of the first phase of deconfinement.

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The aim is to kill off 100%; all small indie businesses!
So the ones who have still managed to survive, they h@ve planned more lockdowns to Finnish you off!

The use the pcr data test, because they can alter the amount of calibration cycles, in order to achieve positive tests, where there are none!
The pcr test devices, should not be set Above 20 cycles, but the complicit people doing the test8ng set them at 45 to 60 cycles, if you test a stone at over cycles it gives a positive test for covid 19.

A lisbon court already ruled against using the flawed pcr device in September 2020: but Portuguese socialist traitors are still using it in order to harvest the false data they need to justify locking all of portugal down!
Only mass protests, and refusing to cooperate with these communist dictators will get portugal free!

On the telegram app,
you can organise through, “the great reopening”, and:

To establish organising protests!
It’s time to wake up, and get organised now!

By Piers corbyn from UK on 19-04-2021 02:50

Watch them close again soon...
Our Government serve the globalists not our interests.

By Ana Cortes from Lisbon on 18-04-2021 02:34
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