Dead whale stranded on Algarve beach

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A large whale has been found dead on the beach of Santo António, in Vila Real de Santo António, leaving the authorities now planning on how best to remove it from the location, said the port captain.

The whale is still in the water and on site is a team from the Maritime Police, who received an alert from the public at around 9:00 am and are now waiting for the support of other entities, such as the municipality, to define how the whale will be removed, said commander Rui Vasconcelos Duarte.

“We are going to evaluate together with several entities what is going to be done”, specifying that the whale “is already dead” and now “we have to decide what to do next” to the animal and “how it will be removed from the site”, at Santo António beach, in the district of Faro.

Asked if the whale could cause any disruption to navigation, the same source replied that "at the moment, no".

When the authorities received the alert, the whale was several metres from the water line, but the tide was high, and the high tide was at 09:00.

The next high tide is scheduled for around 9:30 pm and the low tide is close to 3:30 pm.

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The 'invisible' dead whale

By Ricardo from Algarve on 25-04-2021 08:13

From the images on it's a plankton eating baleen whale. One image shows 25 throat pleats which makes it a Rorqual Whale, which includes Blue, Fin, Sei, Bryde's and Minke Whales. The MSN report mentions that it's big but gives neither length nor identification.

By peter erin roberts from Beiras on 21-04-2021 06:56

No picture of the whale on the beach? Your articles typically lack substance.

By Vincent Bonamo from USA on 20-04-2021 03:16
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