Portuguese passport sixth most powerful in the world

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The Portuguese passport is still ranked as the sixth most powerful passport in the world, on a ranking of 188 countries.

Japan leads the ranking, with the passport that opens most doors to other countries, offering visa-free travel to 193 countries.

According to the Henley Passport Index, the Singaporean, South Korean and German passports take second and tied-third places, respectively.

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Well it's one louder than 7 innit bruv.

By Chris Power from UK on 23-04-2021 10:42

Misleading to be describing it as Power. This analysis is based almost entirely on International Air Transport Authority (IATA) data. So countries with lower migration histories, whose populations travel less to better themselves elsewhere; particularly the poorer ones - get a a lower rating.
Soft Power is the ability to attract and hold onto high value migrants.
Not be a transit route to other more attractive destinations.

By Sybil Wright from USA on 21-04-2021 07:42

Rite and good ????

By Abdur Rashid from UK on 21-04-2021 01:25

This is highly misleading reporting based on a biased article. If you look at the actual list, there are tens or hundreds of countries tied for 6th place or better.

By Vlad from UK on 20-04-2021 02:35
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