Portugal one of three countries without 5G

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There are currently only three EU countries that do not offer their citizens access to 5G networks, with Portugal being one of them.

According to a new report by the European Commission, Portugal, along with Malta and Lithuania are still struggling to provide 5G. Delays in Portugal have been blamed on successive postponements of frequency auctions due to the pandemic.

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As future ex-pats from the US, it was like a breath of fresh, healthy air to realize that one of our top contenders for a new homeland is currently 5G-free!!! Please do not follow the rest of the zombie download-speed crazed idiots out there who are not paying attention to the health problems with having microwave energy all around us. It is real and many of us canaries are already getting sick. Please don't go 5G and attract hundreds of thousands of health-oriented, wonderful, thinking people to your country!!!!

By MIlls from USA on 25-07-2021 11:58

5G is negatively affecting health. All articles saying is not true are financed by mobile companies. Studies have been done till now only on rats, and have had disastrous consequences. We are part of the study in humans. Is Portugal really wanting to develop at all costs, without taking into consideration how it will affect general well-being? Does it not have enough proof of how stressful and low quality the developed life is by all people escaping from developed countries to live here in more natural way? Portugal be proud of being no 5G!

By anna from Lisbon on 20-05-2021 01:17

It would seem to be nothing more than an excuse blaming the delayed auction for 5G frequencies on the pandemic.
Portugal needs better communication infrastructure to enable growth outside of tourism and break that dependency.
The Internet is a hugely underused utility in Portugal and a real potential exists to become a hugely prosperous country as a result.
Infrastructure and health care with a review of tax policy could transform Portugal into a new digital hub and lift the health, well-being and prosperity of the nation and people.

Less excuses, more action.

And for safety concerns, better to be informed: "Is 5G making you sick? Probably not - CNET" https://www.cnet.com/google-amp/news/is-5g-making-you-sick-probably-not/

By Rob from Algarve on 23-04-2021 07:38

Weird reactions. At least with 5G it takes care of the horrible quality of wifi in especially smaller places

By Andy F from Other on 23-04-2021 07:21

Hi, regarding the article about no 5G in Portugal.
I live in central Portugal not far from Tomar.
During a visit to friends recently and in the past even before covid I noticed on their wifi the option to log onto their 5G.
Usually I see 2 options with or without 5G.
I just wonder if the Internet providers are already selling their service as 5G without being able to actually deliver.
Personally I do not think we need 5G at all as 4G is already very fast and is more than capable in streaming TV, YouTube, video calls etc.
I also believe their is a health risk attached to 5G.
I applaud Portugal for holding back on 5G.
Thanks, George.

By George Iredale from Other on 23-04-2021 06:58

Lets be honest here Portugal don't actually need 5G while mobile operators charge you crazy ammount of money for a small limited data plan here , I can assure you that the majority of not 90% of the country still uses 3g+ cause they can't cope with the tarif prices that justifies even using a 4g connection on their phones.

By Mario.A from Lisbon on 23-04-2021 01:54

No to 5G. Other issues more important. Portugal could be a veacon saying no to many things!

By Diana Krogh from Beiras on 21-04-2021 06:32

We would be happy to have 3g never mind anything else.

By Martin from Lisbon on 21-04-2021 06:27

Portugal is working on infrastructure development, improving life standards of locals, it is meaningful rather then 5G
This time we don't need 5G, we need good health care,.. Portugal is doing great in term of health care,
Keep it up????????????❤️

By Fahad khalid from Lisbon on 21-04-2021 02:43

Interesting topic but not very informative, why are we 1 of the 3 EU countries that don't provide 5G? There is a lot of controversial info out there, seeing as you got on the topic a little more information would be appreciated. Thanks

By Sophie Vasconcelos from Algarve on 21-04-2021 02:00

Great !
Keep it that way.

By Rodrigo A. from Lisbon on 21-04-2021 01:27
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