Thousands of foreigners registered on vaccination site

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More than 4,000 foreign citizens have already registered on the platform created by the Government to integrate the list for vaccination against covid-19 even without having a user number, said the minister of State and Presidency.

To be heard in parliament, in the framework of a regimental hearing, in the Committee on Constitutional Affairs, Rights, Freedoms and Guarantees, Mariana Vieira da Silva said that “more than four thousand citizens have already registered on this platform”, having attributed this result to “extensive dissemination work by the ACM [High Commissioner for Migration]”.

"To ensure that no one is left behind, in the scope of vaccination with covid-19, an online platform was created that allows the registration of foreign citizens with no utente number yet,” stressed the minister.

According to the minister, the pandemic reinforced the need for a public response to foreigners living in Portugal and stressed that as early as March 2020 it was determined that whoever was in an irregular situation in the country, but with a pending process with the Foreigners Service and Borders (SEF), would have their situation temporarily settled, something that was renewed in November.

In that regard, she announced that these deadlines "will soon be extended through a new order that gives more protection to immigrants who are in this situation", however, having not yet set a date.

If you do not have a utente number, you can sign up for a vaccine in Portugal here:

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By Khushpreet from Lisbon on 19-07-2021 06:18

Hello, I had a similar experience to the ones reported here for months but finally could get vaccinated without número de utente.

Find the nearest vaccination center to your home address (it might take a couple of attempts...), go there with all the documentation you would take to request a número de utente (physical copies, not digital) and say you have no número de utente and want to get vaccinated. I went to two places (both sport centers), the first one even had a queue for people with no SNS number but they told me to go to another one closer to my home. The second one I tried was not so well organized but they copied my documents and a couple of hours later I got a phone call confirming a vaccination appointment for that very same evening. I wonder why this information can be found nowhere... By the way, I even found out I did have a número de utente but nobody had communicated it to me. Good luck.

By Oscar from Lisbon on 13-07-2021 03:54

Like many people here, I’m in the same position. I’m from the UK, pay tax in Portugal, have NIF, social security number, but no numero utente. I’m over 50. I’ve applied online 24 times to no avail.
I’ve phoned SNS multiple times - bottom line when recently I spoke to a ‘supervisor’: ‘You’re not going to be vaccinated any time soon - you’re at the bottom of the pile, the health centres who deal with scheduling are not even looking at requests from people with no user number.’
I’ve written to the health centre, to SNS administration who deal with vaccines, to the ministry of health - no replies or acknowledgements.
The government says vaccinations are available to all. They are NOT!
This is treating people with no health number like inferior people and is ethically extremely dangerous. It’s also, surely, a human rights issue. It is blatant discrimination in a country that claims to promote equality.
It’s actually unbelievable.

By N09 from Lisbon on 03-07-2021 06:23

All, I too have registered with the web DGS web for no utente. But today I went to my Centro de Saude in Terras de Bouro. Within 30 mins I had a few temporary utente number and later booked my vaccination. I used the advice of D Wheeler. Passport, atesstation de residencia from my freguesia and my NIF registration.

By Mike Grant from Other on 01-07-2021 06:09

I have been trying for six weeks this website does not work. It is smoke and mirrors. I have over 10 successful registrations, not one sms response. Its a joke. Nobody can help, no-one knows anything or can offer any guidance. It is ridiculous. I have no recourse but wait it out and hope not to get covid. Maybe once all Portuguese are vaccinated whatever foreigners are left can get a vaccine. The only thing you can do if you have a case file with SEF the health center must give you a temporary utente #. It will take time maybe a month. But in Portugal that is the only way a person without that number can get a shot. I have fought every dept and even have friends in the task force. They are all clueless. Good luck.

By Tomas Arroyo from Lisbon on 01-07-2021 04:02

@ D. Wheeler. I am also in Arrois/Alemeda and no they are NOT providing temporary Utente. I go there every day to beg for a temporary Utente. They refuse to help. If you insist they call the Police so I am not sure at all.

By Kel from Lisbon on 25-06-2021 09:50

I'm very glad for everyone posting on this article. Unfortunately, as a US citizen in the middle of trying to get residency, I haven't been able to "show up" get a vaccine, not even with my NIF number and my apartment lease that is registered with Financas. I've email EVERYONE in the health system that I can think of. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. I'm 50 and stressing out trying to find a way to get vaccinated. Thanks!

By Sarah Kilgallon from Lisbon on 25-06-2021 07:54

@ D. Wheeler. Thank you!!!! This helped tremendously.

By Sheelah from Porto on 25-06-2021 04:45

Hi All,
I have been monitoring this page, hoping to find out some information about vaccination for people without a Utente No. I'm Irish and have Multicare - so, like many people have never needed the Utente No in the past. Also, in Lisbon the waiting list for a new Utente No is now 6 months!! Like everyone I completed the online vaccination form ( non-utente ) a number of times with no success.
The good news is that yesterday ( 23/6 ) I got my first vaccination in Lisbon!!!!! And I am scheduled for my second jab in 4 weeks.
I am over 55 years old - so, yesterday, I went to the vaccination centre for my area ( Av. Afonso Costa 41 ) . At the moment anyone over 55 can just "turn up" and get vaccinated. Everyone was very helpful. I was told to go to my local Centro de Saude ( mine is in Arroios/Alameda ) and ask for a "temporary" utente-no for the vaccine only. They even wrote it down for me ( "Pedir Inscrição esporádica para fazer vacina covid-19" ).
I went to the Centro de Saude with my Passport, registration document from Lisbon Council which says that I am living in Lisbon ( Certificado de registro cidadão Europeia ). I also gave a screen print of my vaccine application form. I also gave my NIF number. I was then given a sheet of paper with my details and a temporary Utente-No. Once again, the office staff were very helpful.
Then, everything was easy - back to the vaccination centre with my Passport and the temporary Utente No. 15 minutes later, I had my first jab.
I found everyone to be very helpful both at the vaccination centre and the Health Centre - even though they are under a lot of stress at times.
I hope this account helps others to get their vaccination.

By D Wheeler from Lisbon on 24-06-2021 11:25

Impossible to get Utente. Register on the site for vaccination. No contact. This is a discrimination for legal residents. European justice court please help.

By Arnaud from Lisbon on 23-06-2021 12:06

We’re being left behind , my children have been vaccinated in Ireland. It takes so long to get residency, as EU citizens this shouldn’t happen

By Barbara Mooney from Algarve on 21-06-2021 12:21

Same story as all the others previously expressed. The system is not working despite the promises made by our Prime Minister and nobody seems to care. I have successfully registered my wife, who happens to be a German citizen, several times but not a single call back. Unfortunately she suffers from asthma and thus at high risk. Can someone please help! Thank you.

By Armando Nunes from Lisbon on 20-06-2021 11:38

Yay! 4000 registered.
However, Zero called back.

This is really stupid. Is the entire civil service really so inept that literally NO public process works properly?

By Mark from Algarve on 10-06-2021 01:12

Since March we successfully registered 3 times on that website for non utentes, never got any replies. Yesterday at our centro de Saude, the lady at the desk could not find our names in that system. In spite of what Antonio Costa says, that system does not seem to be working properly.

By Ileana Engelsman from Lisbon on 09-06-2021 01:20

I live in Costa da Caparica and have filled the form 5 times within 3 months but no reply or any confirmation. I keep reading on Facebook that vaccination for age group of 45 and above is happening but where I have no idea. Not sure where exactly to go and ask .

By Navendu Sinha from Other on 09-06-2021 10:28

How do you know if your registration for the vaccine has been processed properly, or at all All you know is that when you register on the site for people without a utente, your process is complete with a promise of a text sometime in the future. What does the future mean in terms of length of time.

By Eugene Hughes from Beiras on 23-05-2021 09:17

For foreigners without a numero de utente, you should be able to book the vaccination appointment directly on .

By Paul Greene from Lisbon on 23-05-2021 01:30

I also live in Sao Martinho Do Porto. Tried to get my residency card from last year!! But this has been impossible through SEF.
I registered my name 3 times, of course, without the utente. I never received a response, or call back. Finally decided to actually go to the vaccination center, and the girl at the desk abruptly said to me “you cannot get vaccinated until you have an Utente #”. I told her I finally have an appt with SEF but not until the end of August. She replied in English “too bad”.

"To ensure that no one is left behind, in the scope of vaccination with covid-19, an online platform was created that allows the registration of foreign citizens with no utente number yet,” stressed the minister.

The above is the message for people like me from the Ministry Office. Portugal needs to train the staff in these centers to be more polite with foreigners and know
the facts and not just make their own rules!!
Jeannot Horta

By Jeannot from Lisbon on 20-05-2021 04:16

My father, aged 94, has been "stuck" in Portugal since October 2000, unable to return to UK. We have registered him on Ministério de Saúde site for vaccine as a non resident. My husband and I have both received first dose. Neither our Health Centre in Sao Martinho do Porto or Vaccination Centre in Alcobaça are aware that non residents can be put on the list for vaccination. They only recommend getting residency and subsequent SNS number. Any suggestions?

By Morag from Other on 07-05-2021 05:50

Am I registered now?

By Barbara Parker from Algarve on 06-05-2021 12:26

I live in samorra correia Lisbon Portugal. I have applied for residential card. I would like to apply for covid-19 vaccination

By Mahek Aziz from Lisbon on 21-04-2021 03:26

I registered on this site as it is pretty much impossible to get my social security number (I actually have BUPA international so dont need it normally) without working. it took a bit of time to work, but weirdly I have not received any confirmation by text or email if my application was successful

By h jurgens from Lisbon on 21-04-2021 02:16
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