Thousands of foreigners registered on vaccination site

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More than 4,000 foreign citizens have already registered on the platform created by the Government to integrate the list for vaccination against covid-19 even without having a user number, said the minister of State and Presidency.

To be heard in parliament, in the framework of a regimental hearing, in the Committee on Constitutional Affairs, Rights, Freedoms and Guarantees, Mariana Vieira da Silva said that “more than four thousand citizens have already registered on this platform”, having attributed this result to “extensive dissemination work by the ACM [High Commissioner for Migration]”.

"To ensure that no one is left behind, in the scope of vaccination with covid-19, an online platform was created that allows the registration of foreign citizens with no utente number yet,” stressed the minister.

According to the minister, the pandemic reinforced the need for a public response to foreigners living in Portugal and stressed that as early as March 2020 it was determined that whoever was in an irregular situation in the country, but with a pending process with the Foreigners Service and Borders (SEF), would have their situation temporarily settled, something that was renewed in November.

In that regard, she announced that these deadlines "will soon be extended through a new order that gives more protection to immigrants who are in this situation", however, having not yet set a date.

If you do not have a utente number, you can sign up for a vaccine in Portugal here:

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My father, aged 94, has been "stuck" in Portugal since October 2000, unable to return to UK. We have registered him on Ministério de Saúde site for vaccine as a non resident. My husband and I have both received first dose. Neither our Health Centre in Sao Martinho do Porto or Vaccination Centre in Alcobaça are aware that non residents can be put on the list for vaccination. They only recommend getting residency and subsequent SNS number. Any suggestions?

By Morag from Other on 07-05-2021 05:50

Am I registered now?

By Barbara Parker from Algarve on 06-05-2021 12:26

I live in samorra correia Lisbon Portugal. I have applied for residential card. I would like to apply for covid-19 vaccination

By Mahek Aziz from Lisbon on 21-04-2021 03:26

I registered on this site as it is pretty much impossible to get my social security number (I actually have BUPA international so dont need it normally) without working. it took a bit of time to work, but weirdly I have not received any confirmation by text or email if my application was successful

By h jurgens from Lisbon on 21-04-2021 02:16
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