Three percent say no to vaccine

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The number of people who have replied ‘no’ to a text informing them of a vaccination date has risen to just under three percent.

To date, health officials say they have sent out 855,000 text messages, with those confirming they were willing to receive the jab at a given time, standing at 605,000.

An additional 23,000 people replied that they would not be present for a scheduled vaccination, while the remaining number failed to respond.

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More than 3% probably refuse the vaccine. When you agree to take a vaccine that is only approved for emergency use and that has taken less than a year to develop, a safe vaccine takes about 10 years to develop. No thanks, no vaccine for me, this is a common flu as well. I look forward to getting corona so I get natural protection that is much much better than a poison that is injected into the body.

By Linn from Algarve on 22-04-2021 09:30

Fred Doe spreading propaganda at its best. Just claim fake news, cause, you know, it has worked out so well here in the US.

By David from USA on 22-04-2021 04:35

26,55% did not gave a '' yes '' or a '' now ''.
The article should write about this too.

By W.Gevaert from Algarve on 22-04-2021 04:31

Are you sure you got your numbers right ?
It must be the other way round.
Hardly anyone is getting the vaccine as everyone knows it literally maims your health in the long term.....
We are talking about major neurological defects down the line.
No laughing matter here !

By Susie Winterburn from Lisbon on 22-04-2021 04:16

Do they have a choice in which vaccine they are being experimented with?

If they refuse can they change their mind at a later date?

I am far from convinced a vaccine will do me any good at all.
If offered anything from China or Russia I will 100% refuse their poisons.

By James from Algarve on 22-04-2021 03:48

Of course.
every sensible person wants to be vaccinated.
17 000 dead so far.
A lot of of sick persons that suffer.
And people that need health care for other reasons don't get it.
Because hospitals are busy with Covid19.

Who would volontary play the game with Corona virus ?
Maybe someone that uses the same body part for thinking with as for sitting on ?

By Gustav from Algarve on 22-04-2021 11:10

Propaganda at it's best. Just let the newspapers say that almost everybody craves the shoot....

By Fred Doe from Algarve on 22-04-2021 10:30
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