Contrast this to the miserable position of five million stateless Palestinians who eke out an existence in the occupied territories of the West Bank and Gaza strip.

Some fifty thousand who possessed labour permits to work in the illegal settlements and Israeli territory have been dosed with Moderna or AstraZeneca but they will be denied the “green pass” which enables entry to public places. The rest were initially denied assistance by Israel on the grounds that they are the responsibility of the Palestinian Authority and should thus apply for the Covax relief to which Israel does not subscribe. In fact, 160,000 vaccines have just been delivered by Covax and Russia has sent 30,000 doses of the Sputnik 5. Israel has given only a token 2,000 of its Moderna Reserve.

A total of 2,983 citizens have died in the West Bank and Gaza . Overall infection stands at 280,000 cases of which 35,000 remain active and 460 are seriously ill. All beds are taken in the hospitals of the government or the Red Crescent Society which severely lack medical facilities, protective clothing and basic equipment such as dining tables and chairs. The provision of intensive care is at a premium and equipment such as ventilators a rarity.

Since mid-January the wealthy Israelis have achieved a remarkable fall of 98% in their daily rate of diagnosis and a vaccination high of 85% of adults. They should now reflect on the teachings of the Talmud and show compassionate charity towards their servile subjects by releasing from their immense stock sufficient doses to cover the Palestinian shortfall.

Praise ye the Lord and pass the Vaccinations.

Roberto Knight
Cavaleiro, Tomar,