Alentejo and Algarve most affected by climate change

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In Portugal, the Alentejo and Algarve are the regions that are most affected by climate change, particularly a lack of water

CO2 emissions have also been on an upward trend since 2005.

This is according to findings by researchers from Lisbon University’s Faculty of Sciences, who predict rainfall will decrease while average temperatures will increase, causing more heat waves and prolonged droughts.

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No prizes for guessing the age group of these climate deniers. Their lack of attention/interest is probably down to the fact they'll be dead when the sh*t hits the rest of us. What a selfish generation!
As if thousands of scientists (literally), government bodies, and the United Nations are making it all up.

By Justin from Lisbon on 27-04-2021 09:22

Within the past week you ran with a headline that the Algarve has enough water for two years use. Was this a sap to the Golf industry and the tourist industry to allay concerns?
Cohesion and consistency are good targets for journalism as opposed to a string of taglines to draw attention which is very much the failing of on-line news.

By Hugh IN The Alentejo from Alentejo on 27-04-2021 11:49

Only Bill and your beloved leaders can safe you now. Full climate lock down for the rest of your lives; just to be sure. Oh, and a vaccine that will protect you against climate change.

By Pedro from Lisbon on 27-04-2021 10:03

Ignorance is bliss for the climate deniers.

By Luis from Other on 26-04-2021 11:22

Predictions from people who cannot forecast the weather from one day to the next-they might as well use a fortune teller as they would be just as accurate

By David jenkins from Lisbon on 26-04-2021 07:53

Not that we've noticed....we have been in the Algarve over 20 years.....and visited for 20 years before that. My husband has always kept a rain guage, there are wet and dry years yes, but it seems to maintain an average.

By Melodie from Algarve on 26-04-2021 05:08

climate change is a scam.

By rod from USA on 26-04-2021 04:58

More scare mongering, and great reset wef lies and propganda!

But no mention of the 800,000 people in the Uk London on sat 24th April, who protested against the global communist medical tyranny world takeover, lies and genocide!
Why is there no mention of the london demo?
Why why why????

By Peter jenkings from UK on 26-04-2021 04:09

perhaps if they stopped building more and more golf courses with their avaricious water consumption there might be water for other things

By John Martin from UK on 26-04-2021 03:05
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