Video presentations are short, informative, illustrative, and accessible through various channels. It is no wonder that they are usedmassively for marketing purposes, so today everyone can create a nice presentation with free design templates and tools to crop image online available on the Web. Yet, many business owners just fail to come up with an idea for their video. This brief guide will bridge the gap by lending a bit of inspiration.

Idea # 1: Brand Story

Telling the story of your company is a cool way to engage with your audience if it is not limited to simple reciting dates and facts. Sure, it would be nice to show your milestones and achievements in a video presentation, but there can be much more to it than just a visualized progress report. Brand storytelling should combine facts and feelings to establish a strongemotional connection, to inspire and motivate people. Tell why your business was launched, what adversity it faced, and what solutions it found before getting where it is now. Be honest with your audience and let it get to know you better to build trust and increase brand awareness.

Idea # 2: Company Achievements

Your brand’s success story can be a separate topic to showcase. Here is where you can focus on figures, illustrating things like stable financial performance, an impressive market share, increased sales, a stunning number of loyal customers, or top places in popular ratings. While this information proves the company’s growth to persuade the audience that you are worth dealing with, your video shouldn’t be impersonal either. Try and find your way to show the personalities behind the company’s success since people resonate with other people, not with entities.

Idea # 3: Workflow

If your company implements innovative technologies in its services or uses cutting-edge equipment in production, it pays to dedicate a video presentation to these facts. This idea will appeal to potential customers who care about the quality of products and services they consume. By explaining the process of creating your product, you can starkly demonstrate why it is really good or even the best in the niche. However, it doesn’t mean that you should skip the idea if your business processes and production pipeline are nothing out of the common. Many people find an interest in how things are created and want to know how various businesses work from inside – you can satisfy their curiosity. Even an office tour can work for strengthening the ties with your audience and delivering authenticity.

Idea # 4: Case Studies

There are plenty of ways to incorporate case studies into your marketing strategy, but you are likely to yield even more favorable results if translating your stories into visuals. We all love case studies as they are targeted and industry-specific by default, not to mention their power to add to a brand’s weight in the eyes of a niche community. It is especially true if you happen to work with a famous company – such social proof will surely inspire many customers to become the next in your list of successfully completed projects. And the very structure of a case study fits into a video presentation breezily since you just need to follow a simple “problem-possible solutions-proven results” scheme.

Idea # 5: Team

Introduce your squad to the audience for it to relate to your brand on an individual level. Tell who they are and what they are passionate about. Here, it is important to highlight the individuality of each team member while showing a close relationship and mutual understanding within the staff. A video should deliver a feel of a close-knit team, with each member contributing something unique to accomplish a common goal. It is also smart to delve into a strong leadership provided by the company’s top management. Investors and shareholders will be happy to see a compelling personality guiding the team in the right direction.

As a Closing Note

Video presentations are a great way for businesses to achieve various marketing goals, from boosting brand recognition to improving engagement. Be it a case study or a sales pitch, you can share them through multiple channels, so make sure to use this potential to the fullest.