Portugal to aid Covid-stricken India

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Portugal is to send antiviral medication and oxygen to Covid-stricken India.

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs said it is currently studying the most effective way to transport the material.

The initiative is being carried out within the framework of the EU Emergency response Coordination Centre.

Over one million people have been infected with Covid in India in the past three days and the country, which has a population of 1.3 billion people, is seeing record numbers of deaths.

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Look at the disaster of Goa.It has 53 deaths a day and 2500 cases a day .There is NO NATION IN AFRICA,besides EGYPT which has more deaths !

There is NO NATION in AFRICA which has 2500-3000 CASES A DAY ! The Goans are doomed by Definition ! Goa has a POSITIVITY RATE OF MORE THAN 50%. THERE IS NO PLAGUE IN HUMAN HISTORY,wherein the POSITIVITY RATE IS MORE THAN 50% !

Indians are trying lockdowns ! Lockdowns are of no use ! What will be the Covid count, once the lockdown is lifted (it has to be !).There is a dip in numbers in Delhi and Mumbai - which is a pure aberration , as the people were already infected, 2-4 weeks ago.

So unless the whole cycle of time, for the virus is exhausted during the lockdown - and the test count is INCREASED (to assess the lockdown impact) - AND the Positivity rate changes - the lockdown is useless

In Delhi and Mumbai - the case count has lowered - but the positivity rate has CROSSED 30% - which is a disaster - and which also proves , that the case count reduction, is an aberration !

Lockdown only slows down the SPREAD of the infection - so once it is lifted - the asymptomatics,will again spread the virus.In the meantime, the symptomatics and asymptomatics,will INFECT ALL IN THE HOUSE - as they cannot wear masks,in the house !

Besides,the lockdown will slow down the VAXINATION - which will be another disaster !

Lastly,the COVID has now reached the small towns and villages of India,with a population of less than 30 lacs - where there are pathetic hospitals and no tests



By samir sardana from Other on 02-05-2021 06:16

Y ?

India is in the DOOM zone !

45 days ago in pre VAX era in India ,the daily case count was 12000 and now,after COVID VAX,the daily case count is 400,000 – and the fun has NOT begun

The GOI CLAIMS that 100 million Indians,over the age of 55,have been VAXED – but are these humans CREATING THE ANTIBODIES to stop THEIR INFECTION ? Is the VAX having the impact and how long will it last – EVEN for the CURRENT mutations

No one knows how many of the VAXED Indians have been INFECTED post VAX ! An ex- Indian PM who was vaxed 2wice is INFECTED.IT IS CERTAIN THAT PEOPLE BEYOND AN AGE AND/OR WITH MORBIDTIES ARE NOT GENERATING ANTIBODIES.

None of the Indians beyond the age of 55 who were VAXED had an RTPCR or Antigen test – to see IF THEY WERE INFECTED OR HAD THE ANTIBODIES – so that those INFECTED could have their families tested for COVID and VAXED.

The 350,000 daily cases in India, are being infected AT LEAST IN PART by the VAXED 100 Million – which proves beyond doubt that EVEN THOSE with VAX antibodies,are SHEDDING THE VURUS and infecting the UNVAXED.

70% of the daily cases are LESS THAN 45 Years – which means that the HUMANS whose NATURAL ANTIBODY FUNCTION should work – has failed ! No other nation in the world has this statistical disaster.There is NO dount that the VAX will FAIL on this populace.

Meanwhile,India has LIMITED VAX capacity – and imported VAXES will not work !

The Indian COVID Numbers are BOGUS – it is safe to say that the daily cases are at least 6-700,00 and if the next 100 million VAXES takes 60 days,then taking a growth of 5 % a day (in daily cases) ,you will have AT LEAST 60 Million new cases.By the time of the 3 rd leg of the 100 million VAXES, the case load will EXCEED THE VAXED Population !

By SAMIR SARDANA from Other on 30-04-2021 03:17

What happens in India is a result of 'experimental genetic manipulation' of humanity. Merely a sign of what's due for all other countries. By sending material we'll be short of when the time comes but there's nothing to rescue anyway. We have let things come this far and have to feel the result of it.

By Ann from Algarve on 28-04-2021 10:41
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