“In Portugal, it is recommended that COVID-19 Vaccine Janssen® be used in people aged 50 or over. The ongoing studies and data that are still being analyzed by the European Medicines Agency may justify the revision of this recommendation at any time”.

However, the guidance of the DGS admits that people under the recommended age of 50 can still receive the vaccine, as long as this desire and subsequent consent is manifested, after knowledge of the risks and benefits.

"People under 50 years of age who wish to do so can be vaccinated with the covid-19 Vaccine Janssen, as long as they are properly informed about the benefits and risks, and expressly give their informed consent".

The note highlights that the Janssen vaccine "is subject to additional monitoring (...) that will allow the rapid identification of new safety information". In this sense, the importance of notifying any adverse reactions to the National Medicines Authority (Infarmed) is reinforced.