The one who fell to earth a Space Oddity leaves a Starman.

Too challenging a figure for the rock, the disco, the pop and the electronic ethos combined, he obliterated the grossly finite word “belief” with the wink of a zig-zagged eye.

He could melt your Plastic Soul with potent stardust, no one was immune.

We weep, we rejoice, we are Heroes; no one will put us Under Pressure for the infamy is too glam, the razzle is so dazzling.

Is it any wonder he worried we might all be too cool to fool?

I for one love to play the fool and admit it can be foolish.

I can be the freak, maybe the androgynous revolutionary. Only my own rebellion manifests from words not heavy make-up, from being my own brand of badass, less razzle dazzling - from my sharp tongue and good heart. What about your own?

And we are all connected. Through our uniqueness he connects the dots.

Got to get a raincheck on pain because I wanna live forever.

And we all fall to Earth and eventually leave fast like Starmen.

And we are all connected, we are all one.

Our own intertwining bits of glam rocker revolutionaries live on, nothing can break that kind of Fame.

Sarah Polonsky

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