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EDITOR, We have been renting out our villa near Albufeira and we have just received a massive tax fine.

Our accountant in the UK explained that we didn’t need to report the rent as we were non residents in Portugal.

We bought it with our hard earned sterling, only rented it to Brits and we are paid into our Barclays Bank account in the UK.

I don’t understand what the Portuguese have to do with it.

I asked around our neighbours and it looks as if the Câmara looks at the water consumption to see if your property is lived in more than 3 months a year, as this is the maximum stay for non residents.

We are going to appeal to this ridiculous €33,676.58 fine, nearly bankrupting us.

Howard, By email


While i agree that the fine is extremly high. I would advice you to check your buisness in portugal with a portuguese accountat, not a UK one. If your UK accountat is giving you advice about another country, that turns out to be false, its not the countrys fault, its your accountants. And quite frankly if its not clear to you or your accountant what the portuguese has to do with you renting out property IN PORTUGAL, are you sure the person is even an accountant? Do you think its any different when renting out property that is in the UK? Of course the UK govement wants a cut, i think they call it tax...

By Peter G from Algarve on 08-05-2021 12:22
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