The family aspect and community of the students is of great importance at the School, and is demonstrated with the open-door policy of the team who are always available to help families and children. Whether a parent or family member is looking to discuss an admin issue, has teaching questions or would simply like to have a chat with the CEO, the team at the school pride themselves in talking to parents regularly as an important means of creating bonds and also addressing any possible issues quickly, efficiently and with care.

The school is also run by a family, which includes CEO and President of the Board Miguel Ladeira Santos and his two brothers managing the school and also his younger sister and nephews actually attending as students – creating a true family atmosphere. “Our programme structure allows for children from four-months-old to attend, all the way up to 18-years-old. We find that often parents want all of their children to be able to attend the same school at the same time and this allows for this,” explains Miguel.

The family members of pupils are actively encouraged to take part in daily activities, including the parent’s organic gardening club, at the school which means that family is always involved in different aspects of the wider school.

Key to the school’s success in interacting with all of the school family in the PTG (Parent and Teachers Group). The PTG at the International Sharing School is very active and works to collect information from all parents before then meeting once a month with the CEO where everything can be discussed and analysed before then being able to successfully move forward.

The PTG also works with the wider community to involve members in activities and events that they organise throughout the year, thus helping to foster even stronger community ties and bonds.

Funds are raised for the PTG through events held at the school but it is the PTG who then decides where to apply these funds and allocate money to different areas, whether this is more books for the library, more art or music resources or other items that are seen to be of high importance to the PTG.

By fostering a strong sense of community at the school, every pupil, teacher and family member is able to benefit.

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