Both counties have dropped below 120 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants, 14 days ago, since last Thursday, which will allow them to “jump” to the fourth phase of the easing of lockdown.

Altogether, there are four municipalities that were at a standstill or that had to retreat in the lack of definition to free themselves from restrictions. For Mariana Vieira da Silva, Minister of State who was responsible for the briefing, the evolution of these municipalities "shows that the strategy of acting locally and with conviction is a strategy that works".

"When we look at Portimão, which now has 68 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants, when a week ago it was over 120, it means that the measures worked," said the minister.

Still with regard to the Algarve, Vila Real de Santo António, which was under warning, has moved out of this zone, having dropped from 120 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants. Lagos, on the other hand, remains under threat of going back into lockdown.

Where there will be no changes, it is in the two parishes of Odemira where a sanitary fence is in place, which will be maintained, "but with conditions that allow access to work". Thus, the parishes of São Teotónio and Longueira-Almograve continue to be subject to the rules of the 15 March phase.

Also in Baixo Alentejo, Beja and Vidigueira are under warning.

At the Council of Ministers, a decree on the beaches was approved, which repeats "to a large extent" the rules that were adopted last year, among with "the need to use masks, in accessing cafes, restaurants and nursing homes".