People over 60 now able to register for vaccine

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People over 60 years old can now make an appointment for vaccination against covid-19, which until now has been reserved for people over 65.

The decision to anticipate the measure to extend self-scheduling for vaccination to people over 60 years of age was due to the high rate of vaccination recorded in recent days, the task force source explained to Lusa.

On Friday, the team responsible for the operationalization of the vaccination had told Lusa agency it was expected to open self-scheduling for those over 60 years old.

This new phase started this weekend and it is expected that by the end of the month people over 60 will have been vaccinated with at least one dose.

The portal for self-scheduling for vaccination started operating on April 23, having registered, until the beginning of last week, about 206 thousand registrations for taking the vaccine against covid-19.

To register on the site, please visit:

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register for my first jab 6 weeks ago I am over 55 years
But the same email every timecome back dont worry we call you.
Help what can I do need my jabs to go to Asia.

By lachmipersad Bipat from Algarve on 07-06-2021 03:03

I applied for vaccination for me and my wife in the Saude portal on May 8. We are both 60+. We recieved a PDF receipt with the date May 18 as the date for our vaccination and information that we should receive a SMS within 72 hours (three days) to confirm the exact time.
We did not receive any SMS within 72 hours! After SIX days we went to Saude in Lagos - they did not have access to the Portal and could not give us ANY information. We then went to the Lagos Vaccination Center -no information about our booking could be found in the system and they could not give any advice on who to contact to get information about our application. They only said that we should wait and hope for a response or make a new appication and push the vaccination time forward. On Friday, three days ago, we managed to send in a request through the portal that we did not receive any SMS - no response! I sent a mail to SNS/2424 to explain the situation - no response!
Today -tha day before the indicated vaccination day, I called 2424 only to learn that the there were no application related to us to be found in the system and that we had to make a new application and put ourself in the back of the que again!!!!!!!! He could not give a new date or give any priority - just told us to sit back and wait for response! But that is -god damn it - what we have been doing since May8!!
I have found that a lot of the administrative procedures in Portugal can be handled quite swiftly - but this is the the complete opposite. I can understand that delays can happen due to work overload, but this is a disaster and complete failure to inform and support us who have followed the stated routines and been paitent to trust that the system should deal with our application.

By Tore Janson from Algarve on 17-05-2021 09:53

I am 68 and was contacted by someone from GRIS LVT and they could not answer my question as to what vaccine I was being offered. They referred me to ARSLVT where I was still unable to find out what vaccine was being offered. I did eventually manage to register for my jab and had to give my area of choice, which was Quinta do Conde, and was then told there are no vaccinations being currently done in this area so I will be put on a waiting list. If it is going to be the Pfizer vaccine I don't want it anyway after reading a BBC report warning that people who suffer from allergies should not have this.

By Steve Andrews from Other on 10-05-2021 04:07

I attempted to register without a health number. Always received an error message. Very frustrating.

By Konradt Bartlam from Algarve on 10-05-2021 08:20

This is a bad joke! I registered my husband, 73 y.o. risk patient, already a month ago and NOTHING! I call every week the Centre Saude in Lagoa and get the same answer: "wait till we call you". Last Friday they told me that he must register for Portimao or Silves, because Lagoa is not vaccinating! Didn't they build a vaccination centre close to the auditorium in Lagoa? What a waste of money!

By Lenka from Algarve on 10-05-2021 07:53
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