175,000 extra seats for Portugal

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Ryanair has announced even more flights to Portugal from the United Kingdom, offering more than 175,000 extra seats for sale starting May 17.

Ryanair's Marketing Director, Dara Brady, stated: “We are pleased to announce 175,000 extra seats for Faro, Lisbon and Porto, after the announcement of the inclusion of Portugal in the UK's green list. With travel without quarantine now allowed, we reinforced our schedule with even more flights to Portugal, in order to satisfy the demand of our customers.

“British families can book their well-deserved summer holidays in Portugal, knowing that if their travel plans change, they can change their travel dates up to twice, taking advantage of the flight change fee exemption by the end of October 2021”.

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Only essential travel is allowed into EU.
So people from UK can't enter EU on vacation !!
Unpleasant surprice. When they think that they can decide by themselfs when and where to travel.

By Gustav from Algarve on 13-05-2021 09:38

Thanks for the tip...

By William from Other on 11-05-2021 05:21

Guess what the latest scam is?
Brits are flying to Portugal to then drive to their homes in Spain,France,Italy.

The problem people can't be trusted and that means the Algarve is taking a massive risk by opening up to floods of tourists.

Many here have NOT been vaccinated.

By James from Algarve on 11-05-2021 05:07

Please mind the virus, do not travel before you are vaccinated with 2 doses. God really loves you, please apply all the covid safety measures and take the vaccine also use the mask. Eat & exercise healthy to avoid clots. Others and I also love you! Luke 14 Forsake all everyone and yourself for J
Luke 16 Work for J not pay$, then He will give you and your family the food and clothing if they follow too
Matthew 25 & Luke 12 & 6 Sell everything and give to poor asap and keep all your giving in secret
Mark 16 & John 17 Share the Truth to everyone working with others in love and peace
Revelation 13 & 14 Don't take the mark of the beast right hand or forehead only way to buy or sell *not vaccine or mask, but maybe implant or quantum technology
Revelation 17 & 18 U.S may be the Babylon to be destroyed in one hour, with fire

By Love from Açores on 11-05-2021 01:09
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