4 million people vaccinated in Portugal

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Portugal today reached the mark of four million vaccines against covid-19 administered to the population, with the inoculation of a user in Póvoa de Varzim, Porto district, announced the Ministry of Health.

The number was reached with the vaccination of Maria Helena Lordelo, 64 years old, born in Póvoa de Varzim, who received the drug at 12:30pm, administered by nurse Ana Denise Silva, in the vaccination centre of the town.

Speaking to the Lusa news agency, the Secretary of State for Health, Diogo Serras Lopes, underlined the acceleration of the vaccination process, at a time when more vaccines are beginning to be available to the population. "It took more than two months to inoculate the first million vaccines, 33 days for the second, 19 days for the third. Now, we have reached 4 million in just 14 days. This is evidence that our efforts to protect the greatest number of Portuguese in the shortest period of time are having an effect", said the minister.

According to information from the Ministry of Health, of the four million vaccines administered in Portugal, about 2.9 million are first doses and 1.1 million are second doses, including the 18,000 vaccines from Janssen already administered. Thus, mainland Portugal already has more than 36 percent of the adult population already vaccinated with one dose.

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Tina- if you do not want to be vaccinated, no one is forcing you. Can YOU provide reputable scientific links/support for the claims YOU are making (~i.e. not conspiracy theories) . This will enable others to fact-check your assertions, draw their own conclusions and consider next steps rationally.

By Exasperated from Algarve on 26-05-2021 06:28

The figures you should look at are the total mortality per year in relation to the population increase. To think that everyone who died in 2020 and 2021 has died of corona is not realistic, do you understand that ?! In most countries, the total mortality rate is normal, but the media does not want to say that, because the only thing they want to say is that everyone dies in the corona and scares you, their tactics have unfortunately succeeded. Have you ever heard the media tell you how many people die from drugs? No, just that, not a sound, this because the media and Big Pharma work together, do not you understand ?!

Part 3

By Tina from Algarve on 13-05-2021 10:21

It is so sad that the brainwashing has succeeded so well with the vaccines. Read about healthy food and do not eat manufactured products but eat as naturally as you can, that is the key to good health. It was in the 80's that people's health got worse, it was at the same time as they started preparing the food with artificial products, I can not explain it in any other way.

Regarding vaccines in general, there are vaccines that we must take, I am not opposed to vaccines. BUT I am a big opponent of vaccines as no one can guarantee that they are as safe as possible. This is about making money, the pharmaceutical companies make billions of euros and this completely without taking any responsibility for what they sell. The taxpayers make the pharmaceutical companies even more wealthy, completely without risk. Do you really not understand?

As for the number of deaths, those numbers are not correct, they say that people die with corona, not corona. For your information, I can tell you that most people who die, they die of pneumonia no matter what their underlying disease, cancer, cardiovascular disease or other. Not all of course but it is the most common cause of death. These are facts, take this to heart.

The average age is just over 80 years. Many who die are those who are old or multi-sick and receive a cocktail of medication daily. It is no wonder that they die of corona, these people die of the common flu as well. Then you say that young people die with corona, of course it is, but there are many young people who die of the common flu as well.

Part 1

By Tina from Algarve on 13-05-2021 10:20

You have to think one step further, you always have to ask yourself why? People in general do not do that but blindly trust the state, politicians and authorities. It's scary how brainwashed people are. If humans had been metabolically healthy, so many fewer people would have died today, regardless of the cause of death. Please read on about your metabolic health, it had escaped a lot of suffering.

Those who have been vaccinated will probably have side effects as a result, now and in the future. This is a win win for the pharmaceutical companies, it's awful. Even more toxins in the body.

Do you know that over 40 million people die from drugs every year? This is true and these are facts.

I believe that each person decides over their own body. What I find sad is that people completely rely on what is in the media, it's sad. They are not on your side, they are on the other side, on the side where money is more important than anything else and these people are making money from your misfortune, but you do not understand it. Trust the people who want you well, not the ones who are just looking for money. Sadly, it is the latter that you trust. I'm sorry about that.

I just want good, I want to ask you to search online for information on "The Metabolic Pandemic" and read on about it, you will understand what it is I am trying to say.

Part 2

By Tina from Algarve on 13-05-2021 10:20

I got my Moderna vaccine on Wednesday....what a feeling of relief....still a ways to go, of course, with safety protocols and a 2nd dose. As a child I was vaccinated against diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus, small pox, typhoid, polio, measles, mumps, and rubella. I most likely cried about getting vaccines then, but I grew up and don't cry about them now.
Eating healthy or not doesn't make a difference and has never kept anyone from the grave. If you've ever gone to a "health food" store, you will find a lot of sick people. And you will find exorbitant prices. These people, including those writing "health food" books, are just interested in making a lot of money. They will have you believe that food is dangerous, and just want to scare you.

By William from Other on 13-05-2021 09:47

Tina i made a quick search, and worldwide there are between 250 thousand and 500 thousand deaths of flu by year, the covid in 1 year and 2-3 months has more than 3 million deaths, and again, i am not sure if you noticed, but the covid has 3 million+ deaths, and that is WITH lockdown, WITH social distancing, WITH masks, WITH campaigns for awareness and hand hygiene, and much more. I haven't seen yet, a flu that has created as much problems as covid, having entire healthcare systems in different countries collapsed.

Given said that, you are not qualified to know what the vaccines contain, because even knowing, you will not understand, that is a job for the entire healthcare system and the corresponding experts to address, not something that every single person has to know and make random (or faith based) decisions, because 99.99% of the people do not have the required knowledge.

As a prove of what i am saying, you do not know nor understand the content of other vaccines like the ones for Hepatitis B, Measles, Rubella, Varicella, etc, etc, etc. And many of those vaccines were made in times when there wasn't even fraction of the knowledge that there is today. The difference is that people (at least most), already got used to those vaccines, and they are not making conspiracy theories about these.

By Jose Da Silva from Madeira on 13-05-2021 01:01

Language misunderstanding, I did not mean poor people! I feel sorry for the people who take the vaccine without knowing what they are injecting. Can you tell me what the different vaccines contain? I want to know that and I assume that you who are willing to take the vaccine know what they are inject

The corona virus is like a common flu, slightly worse but healthy people survive in most cases. Then the metabolic health is terribly bad all over the world, as people do not eat healthy food but manufactured and unnatural food, which makes them more vulnerable to all viruses and bacteria.

Mortality is not much higher than other viruses, those are the facts. I'm not against vaccines, absolutely not, sometimes it's necessary. But if you all think one step further and ask yourself if you think a vaccine that has been developed in less than a year is safe, do you really think so?

No vaccine is 100% safe, but these covid vaccines are far from safe, you do not even know what they are injecting into you. Have several close friends / family who have received the vaccine and become seriously ill, some are in the intensive care unit and on a respirator, this after they have taken the vaccine.

You have to understand that you can not trust the mainstream media, these are in service and work for those who earn billions of euros on this pandemic. It's not as dangerous as they want to make you believe, they want to scare you, they have succeeded, save people obey kindly and do as the authorities say.

You should question and not least find out more information about this vaccine and its benefits and harms and not trust the state and authorities. You will almost never know anything negative about these vaccines, ask yourself why !!

By Tina from Algarve on 12-05-2021 11:09

I do not agree with Tina, all the evidence from around the world shows vaccine is more likely to protect you from Covid19 than make you ill, but nothing is completely safe.
If the current testing cannot be believed because of "uncaring" politicians then why will future testing be any different.
It seems very arrogant to refer to "poor people, they do not know what they are doing". Well I just knowingly and willingly had the Janssen vaccine, so I, like many, can make my own decisions and do not need advice from someone criticising published evidence while offering no additional evidence.
One wonders who indeed are the poor people?

By David from Porto on 12-05-2021 07:53

I do not think Tina is too smart, she says so-called vaccine, but there isn't a single vaccine, there are many of them. All the vaccines started at some point. And finally, do you know something that is dangerous for some people, even fatal? yeah it is called coronavirus, not sure you heard of it, but is way, way, way, more dangerous than the vaccine. You are the one who should find out information, but not on facebook.

By Jose Da Silva from Madeira on 12-05-2021 04:38

Dear Tina , do you really think vaccines are unsafe. After all the scientists advice I can’t believe you still peddle this anti vaccine nonsense,the good people of portugal ie the sensible ones over 4 million of them are doing the right thing and will continue to do so, grow up

By Chris from UK on 11-05-2021 09:06

Thanks for the advice Tina. You are right. Nobody really cares about your health, including anti-vaxxers. You have to take care of your own health. I'm getting my vaccine on wednesday!

By William from Other on 11-05-2021 08:04

Try and write the facts, not 4 million people 4 ,million vaccinations. Holy crap, get you header right and try to be a newspaper not a megaphone of the government here. ....

By Norbert from Algarve on 11-05-2021 07:40

Poor people, they do not know what they are doing, the vaccines are not fully tested and thus not safe. Get information about this before you take an untested vaccine, do not think that the state, authorities and politicians care about your health, they only care about power and money. You have to take care of your health yourself, no one else does. What you should do is wait until they can guarantee that the vaccines are safe. New recent studies show that there is evidence that vaccines are dangerous for some people, even fatal. FIND OUT INFORMATION before taking this so-called vaccine, please!

By Tina from Algarve on 11-05-2021 05:30
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