Based in Carvoeiro, in the centre of the Algarve, Dr Marcus has been working in the region for the past 24 years but moved in 2018 to new premises at the entrance of Carvoeiro, where he is able to provide the same exceptionally high level of service, including his 20 years of experience in implantology but from an all new clinic.

Dr Marcus trained in Germany as a dentist but has had a long connection to Portugal, after spending the early 80’s in Cascais. “I used to live in Cascais but returned to Germany to complete my education however it was always my plan to return to Portugal. When I was offered a job in the Algarve I took the chance to return to the country,” said Dr Marcus.

Over the decades Dr Marcus has seen his team expand, however he has managed to maintain the same level of personalisation by keeping a core base of staff who help to create the bespoke service provided at the Suevo Clinic. “Our team has grown and we are taking on a new dentist at the clinic but I always work to keep the team small and I intend to keep it this way,” explains Dr Marcus.

“By keeping things small, we are able to keep the same faces in the clinic and keep it personal for our clients,” said Dr Marcus. “I have worked with Vera for the past 21 years and patients are able to see that we all work together really well which helps them to feel confident in the services that we are able to provide”.

The Suevo Clinic is located at the entrance to Carvoeiro and the bold blue building is easy to spot, complete with off road parking. Unlike many other dental clinics, the feeling when you enter the Suevo Clinic is one of being welcomed into a homely environment, this is helped in no small part from the building having been converted from a residential property into a clinic. “My architect wanted to knock it down and create something very modern but I felt that the house had done me no harm and it had been here since the 1950’s so we kept the outside in the old style, also this is a building at the entrance to Carvoeiro and I wanted to be sympathetic to that.”

By maintaining the Algarvian style of the property, clients coming to the clinic enter into a bright and welcoming space that feels like home. “I wanted people to feel comfortable when they come here. Clinics can often feel impersonal but we have worked hard to make this place feel approachable for everyone,” said Dr Marcus.

While the modern and stylish interior makes this a clinic you are more than happy to sit and wait while taking in the lush green views over Carvoeiro, when you explore further into the clinic you find that it is home to the very latest in dental technology. Inside you can find a flagship 3D X-ray machine with unique equipment for better precision and using the lowest amount of radiation, as well as a state of the art dental chair, with their own Kavo e80. which features a and built in cleaning and disinfection mechanism.

“We stand out here because of the dental equipment that we have,” explains Dr Marcus, “Everything that we have here is top as I don’t like second best and I keep everything up to date”. The team work to source only the best technologies and innovations in the field but are not drawn into fads, always waiting for proper testing and trials to be done before investing in equipment to ensure the very best service possible.

While Dr Marcus trained at the Albert Ludwigs University in Freiburg in Germany, he is fluent in German, Portuguese, English and French and the other members of his team meaning that they are truly able to speak your language when it comes to all dental procedures. “I am a general dentist but have been performing implants for over 20 years, in fact, my first implant paid me a visit recently – and it was looking as good as the day I did the procedure”.

When it comes to implants if the preservation of a tooth is not possible, Dr Marcus believes that the other teeth should not have to suffer in addition. An implant prevents the grinding of teeth and the sacrifice of natural tooth substance. Hygiene is as easy as with a natural tooth.

The implants from Suevo Clinic are built to last and with over two decades worth of experience in the field, the team are experts in maximising the effectiveness of treatment, offering all the solutions including the famous all-on-four-rehabilitation.

“This particular version of the implant bridge requires only 4 implants per edentulous jaw. The team use them in cases where little bone supply would otherwise presuppose extensive and costly bone augmentation. By extracting the non-saveable teeth, placing the dental implants and inserting the first screw retained and fixed denture in one flux, we reduce the required surgical sessions to a minimum of one day! After the healing time, only new impressions and registrations are taken to manufacture the final bridge”.

Away from implants, the state of the art equipment and personal service allows for superior oral surgery and services including endodontics, orthodontics, periodontology and surgery.

“Our primary aim is to make people feel comfortable and to offer what is best for the client,” said Dr Marcus. “For example, I don’t understand why a person has to go to a hospital to have their wisdom teeth removed when it can be done here, all in one place – and avoiding horrible hospital food!”

And this is at the very heart of the Suevo Clinic, the desire to treat everything in one place, allowing patients to see the same faces and have the same team treat them. “I provide the kind of service that I would want myself. Some people want to see a specialist for this and for that but I would rather be treated by the same team, who understand my needs and can provide a personal service, this is what we aim to provide”.

So whether you are looking for a general check-up, need extensive implant work or are looking for dental solutions to fit your lifestyle, the team at the Suevo Clinic are able to help and will tailor treatment to meet the needs of each individual.


Originally from the UK, Daisy has been living and working in Portugal for more than 20 years. She has worked in PR, marketing and journalism, and has been the editor of The Portugal News since 2019. Jornalista 7920

Daisy Sampson