Jerónimo de Sousa, secretary-general and member of parliament for the Communists, criticised the Socialist Party and made a list of demands to the executive led by António Costa in a nine and a half minute speech at the opening of the questioning in parliament on workers' rights.

The PS, he accused, "had every opportunity to respond to the most pressing needs", but does not even want to take advantage of the "possibilities opened up by the 2021 Budget", made possible by the abstention of the PCP.

"The PS resists, limits, does not deliver in the face of workers' problems, while it is hands-off with the economic and financial groups, in convergence with the right-wing quartet of the PSD, CDS, Chega and Liberal Initiative," he said.

The PCP, said Jerónimo, "does not accept and fights" the PS options for economic recovery and demands "the general increase of wages as a national emergency, the valorisation of careers and professions and the increase of the national minimum wage to 850 Euros".