A source from the Leiria criminal investigation told Lusa that "Operation Solum" to "combat drug trafficking" held searches in the districts of Leiria, Marinha Grande, Batalha, Porto de Mós, Nazaré, Loures, Seixal and Vila Nova da Barquinha.

The search resulted in the arrest of 12 people and the seizure of narcotics, weapons, money and ammunition, the amount of which will only be determined after the end of the operation, the same source said.

The operation, which began on 19 May at 1.30pm, involved about 80 criminal investigation officers from the Leiria PSP District Command, with the support of the Special Police Unit and the GNR.

After concentrating at the Leiria PSP District Command facilities, some characterised and civilian PSP vehicles advanced to the field, by 4:30pm, having parked in a strategic place, near one of the search areas.

Shortly afterwards, Lusa witnessed the agents leave for one of the suspects' residences, in the parish of Azoia, in Leiria, where they were positioned, preparing themselves for the operation to take place.

The radio communications indicated that the operation was succeeding in the other places defined for the searches.

These data are still preliminary, since, according to the same source, at 9:15pm work was still being carried out on the ground.