Gentherapy - Japanese Art of Touch is a combination of techniques that Gen has learned throughout his therapeutic career, such as Shiatsu, Seiki-Soho, Japanese Martial Art and Physiotherapy, in which he has added his own touch.

Gen has been strongly influenced by his teacher, Akinobu Kishi, who he proudly remembers: “In 2000 I met my teacher, at the Shiatsu World Congress in Berlin, since then I followed his practices and we worked together until his death in 2012. He developed his own approach, Seiki Soho, merging it with the shamanic practices of Shinto, and the Eastern philosophical view of what we are, and what it means to be healthy”.

After more than 20 years learning many different therapies, Gen decided to create his own style. “My teacher just said: “create your style”. For me it’s like a combination of techniques. Each person has different problems, for one I can use one technique, for the other one, another technique. It depends on the person”, he said.

Each client is special for Gen. “When a new person comes, it’s like a new book for me, I don’t know anything about that person. I have 10 or 15 minutes to investigate the body and to start work”. That’s why he creates a connection with his client’s body that allows him, through extraordinary sensitivity, to reach the exact point that needs to be treated.

Gen also has many notebooks that he keeps with affection, some have the diplomas that he has collected throughout his life (of which there are many), others include testimonials from Gen’s clients. Over his 25 years of experience he’s accumulated three notebooks full of messages. Some of these testimonials really touch the heart.

“Many of my clients come to me as a last resort, after having tried everything”, Gen said, so they feel truly grateful after their long journey in search of recovery. Gen is able to help people with all different kinds of illnesses by healing old traumas stored in the body, including physical misalignments and neurological imbalances.

Gen is not a man of many words, he prefers to listen. He needs to hear his clients in order to understand perfectly what they feel, but if clients do not want to speak, Gen goes straight to the treatment. “I don’t need to talk, because if I’m connected with the person, the body shows me everything”, explained Gen.

The empty mind principle

Connection with the client’s body might seem strange at first, but as long as Gen has his mind empty, everything is possible. “The first principle is to keep your mind empty, but it’s really difficult for therapists to achieve a state of emptiness”, he said.

For this reason, “I also practice Zen meditation, we sit for hours, with some breaks of course, watching our mind and this helps me to keep my mind clear, because I really have to stop thinking when I’m healing someone”, he told The Portugal News.

His empty mind makes him able not only to work as a therapist, but also to fix things: cars, computers, phones. It proves that being present in the moment can make all the difference. “Previously, I would go to a mechanic whenever my car had a problem, now I can fix my car by myself”, he said, while he recognised that all in all, there is nothing more complex “to fix” than a human body.

After all, what does the therapy consist of?

I’m going to share my personal experience. Firstly, Gen started by investigating my body to see where the problem was coming from and then started working on it.

In my case, it was namely shoulders, stomach and joints. But it can be different for other people, it always is. And depending on what he finds, he decides which approach to apply in all very specific cases. During my session there was a focus on energetic healing and osteopathy, to relieve my joints.

It’s also difficult to explain, not even Gen knows how to put it into words, but the truth is that I automatically felt much happier and the following day, after my session with Gen, my pains, which weren’t so severe, were totally gone. Gen also gave some recommendations such as dancing, taking vitamin D, sitting in the sunshine and also taking probiotics.

Gen works in the Algarve, near to Portimão and Lagos, so if you want to know more about Gentherapy – Japanese Art of Touch, please look into his website at