What are the offers available and how can Portinsurance help?

In these cases, does Portinsurance have any type of insurance to protect their clients?

Yes, we have an exclusive solution that allows our expats from Europe to be repatriated in case of illness or severe accident; also in case of death and the associated services.

How far is their return guaranteed?

The Secure Person’s Transport is guaranteed, in case of accident or severe illness, leaving the client in the residence of their home country or alternatively to the nearest Hospital Centre.

You said Portinsurance guarantee repatriation in case of severe illness or accident. Do you have a maximum value for this?

Yes, we guarantee repatriation in case of illness or accident up to €7,500.

If the repatriation occurs in a terminal state or when the insured person is already dead, do you not think that €7,500, is a very small amount?

Of course, that is why repatriation in those cases is unlimited.

How much does this insurance cost annually?

It has an annual cost of €75,21.

If readers are interested in this type of insurance, how can they proceed?

They only need to access our website at https://portinsurance.pt/theportugalnews/contacto/assistencia.html