In this book we explore space and earth through his eyes and photos. We get to enjoy the imagery of his time on the International Space Station. Each photo also has a description by him and we understand the context of each image.
‘The Earth is a beautiful planet. The space station is a great vantage point to observe it and share our planet in pictures. It makes you more of an environmentalist’.

Over the year, Kelly’s perspective changes as he lives in the isolated and tough vacuum of space. His photos were not easy to take but stunning in the end. Now an expert on microgravity photography, he used a Nikon D4 with a long 800mm lens and a 1.4x magnifying zoom lens. He panned the camera as the shutter released in order to compensate for the space station’s velocity.

He was able to capture sunsets, moonrises, the aurora borealis, and the luminous Milky Way. We also see photos of daily life on the International Space Station including spacewalks and selfies.

The book really is inspiring and of high quality.

If you have not read the authors recent memoir Endurance, I recommend you do so as this is a great companion to that book.

This is a wonderful coffee table book, sure to delight any visitor who sees it.