In total, Brussels released €14.14 billion to 12 member states, with Portugal taking a share of €22.41 billion, the second under SURE, after having received in December a first payment of €3 billion, out of support that is expected to reach a total of €5.9 billion.

These loans will help Member States cope with the surge in their public spending to preserve jobs in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, in particular by helping to cover costs directly related to the financing of national short-time working schemes and other similar measures adopted to cope with the pandemic, including for the self-employed.

Under today's operation, in addition to Portugal, Belgium received €2 billion, Bulgaria €5.11 billion, Cyprus €1.24 billion, Greece €2.54 billion, Spain €3.37 billion, Italy €7.51 billion, Lithuania €355 million, Latvia €113 million, Malta €177 million, Poland €1.56 billion and Estonia €230 million.