Lisbon City Council allocates 15,000 euros to each organizer of popular marches

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The Lisbon City Council today unanimously approved the allocation of 15,000 euros to each of the 28 organisers of the popular marches competition, which this year is not happening due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The document was discussed and voted on at the public meeting of the municipal executive, taking place this afternoon by videoconference. The Lisbon municipality had already announced, about three weeks ago, that the popular marches competition will not take place this year and the intention to allocate half of the usual subsidy, 15,000, to each organising entity. “Taking into account the current pandemic context and due to the public health restrictions that still remain, it is with particular sadness that the Lisbon City Council informs that it will not be possible to hold this year's Popular Marches Competition, which usually takes place in June ”, The municipality indicated in a statement.

Although there is no competition, and “aware of the economic, social and emotional impact on the community, the municipality, chaired by Fernando Medina (PS), decided to allocate to each entity organising the marches the amount corresponding to half of the usual subsidy to mitigate the loss of income. This extraordinary support, whose total value is 420 thousand euros, covers the 28 entities that applied for the 2019 competition. Last year, the municipality had already canceled the popular marches in Lisbon - which have been taking place since the 18th century, but have had a competitive edge since 1932 - as well as the Santo António festivals, both integrated in the city's festivities, due to the pandemic. On the eve of St. Anthony's Day, thousands of people habitually participate in the festivities, including to watch the march parade on Avenida da Liberdade.

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It is always sad to hear negative comments about Islam. The west has projected any terrorist activity as islamic. In other words all muslims are the same. It is a shame that you do not educate yourself before making comments like these.

By Harry from UK on 31-05-2021 08:48

Portugal politicians finance the destruction of Portuguese, using tax payers money to build mosques and import Islamic extremists who are against Christians and other faiths!

Antonio Costa is very generous in distributing the people’s money for mosques and other monuments where they pray to Allah for the death of the infidels?

Lisbon is preparing for the construction of space for the Islamic religion, in the center of the city. South of the Tagus River and the port, they dream of having their own building. What is lacking is the land. The project is done, the space is adjudicated; what is missing is to free up the land and demolish the buildings so that the Mouraria Square is born, between the streets Palma and Bem Formoso.

“You can say that the street is ours,” says the president of the Islamic Community of Bangladesh and vice president of the European Association of Bangladesh. This is because door to door there is a shop for immigrants from Asia: telecommunications, grocery stores, butchers, restaurants, clothing, souvenirs, oriental articles, newspapers, and magazines.

“The Central Mosque is on Spain Square. We are on Martim Moniz Square. It is very far away, and you need to have a bus pass. There are many Muslims here, we live here, and we work here. We pray five times a day; we cannot go to Spain Square.” Reasons for Mohd Mohabub, 44, merchant (clothing and souvenirs), who arrived in Portugal two years ago.

The new communities of immigrants have changed the sociology of Muslims residing in Portugal, estimated at 50,000 and who were between 60-70,000. But the majority continue to be from Mozambique and Guinea-Bissau, who have energized the religion in Portugal. And with the financial support govermen.

By Martel from Other on 30-05-2021 11:38
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