The document was discussed and voted on at the public meeting of the municipal executive, taking place this afternoon by videoconference. The Lisbon municipality had already announced, about three weeks ago, that the popular marches competition will not take place this year and the intention to allocate half of the usual subsidy, 15,000, to each organising entity. “Taking into account the current pandemic context and due to the public health restrictions that still remain, it is with particular sadness that the Lisbon City Council informs that it will not be possible to hold this year's Popular Marches Competition, which usually takes place in June ”, The municipality indicated in a statement.

Although there is no competition, and “aware of the economic, social and emotional impact on the community, the municipality, chaired by Fernando Medina (PS), decided to allocate to each entity organising the marches the amount corresponding to half of the usual subsidy to mitigate the loss of income. This extraordinary support, whose total value is 420 thousand euros, covers the 28 entities that applied for the 2019 competition. Last year, the municipality had already canceled the popular marches in Lisbon - which have been taking place since the 18th century, but have had a competitive edge since 1932 - as well as the Santo António festivals, both integrated in the city's festivities, due to the pandemic. On the eve of St. Anthony's Day, thousands of people habitually participate in the festivities, including to watch the march parade on Avenida da Liberdade.