The governor, who was speaking at the opening of the 3rd and final session of the forum 2021 for the project "Healthy Night of the Cities of Central Portugal", promoted by the Coimbra Hospital and University Centre, under the subproject "Recreational Nightlife Contexts and Interpersonal Violence. Thinking Prevention. A Public Health and Networking Perspective", congratulated the groups and municipalities involved and pointed out the possibility of this being adapted for the whole nation.

The minister pointed out the "will" to "enlarge" the project and "instead of being the 'Healthy Night of the Cities of Central Portugal'", she challenged it to be transformed "into the 'Healthy Night of Portugal'".

According to Ana Abrunhosa, it was "very important" that the initiative could be taken "to other regions, other municipalities" and be transformed into a national project.

"It is certainly a great challenge, but it is a challenge that I am setting myself, but I believe that all Government colleagues will also embrace it, with the will and the spirit of mission that characterises them", she concluded.

The project "Healthy Night of the Cities of Central Portugal" is an initiative supported by Centro2020 and has the collaboration of 25 municipalities of the Central region of the country, among other entities.

The project, developed between 2018-2021, with the coordination of João Redondo and Diana Breda, aims to prevent interpersonal violence, alcohol and illicit drugs abuse and consumption and road accidents.

At the opening session of the forum, the Assistant Secretary of State for Health, António Sales, said in a video message that interpersonal violence is a family, social and political concern and deserves "the best attention".

António Sales said that interpersonal violence, "which has been gaining visibility over the years, should be seen as a public health problem on a global scale, as a serious violation of human rights, which clashes with democratic and civilisational values", which should be reproved and prevented, "aware of the negative impact it may have on the quality of life and health of the victims".

At the same ceremony, the Secretary of State for Citizenship and Equality, Rosa Monteiro, thanked the work developed and acknowledged that the issues of nightlife remain "very pressing" and the focus is on the idea that a healthy night has to be "safe for all people".

After pointing out that the night recreation environments aggravate the risks of violence to which girls and women are exposed, she referred that, in the scope of domestic violence, the Government is seeking to expand the responses of the national support network for victims.

According to her, a notice was launched for psychological support responses, which will allow the recruitment of "over 50 psychology professionals", to support the mental health of children and young people who are direct victims of domestic violence.

The forum that takes place in Coimbra, in person and online, includes debates and presentations of best practices dedicated to the theme of Interpersonal Violence Prevention and Mental Health Promotion.