William and Cindy Titcomb are returning to the UK tomorrow, they told The Portugal News: “It's very frustrating because we have both had two vaccinations each and we both work in a school so we get tested twice a week. But that's not Portugal's fault. That's the British government, who have overreacted to the situation.

“There are also few deaths in Portugal, especially in the Algarve and there are also few deaths in the UK. It's hard to understand the decision...unless the government knows something that we don't know."

Despite the couple working in a school and having recent test results with them, they still have to undertake another test, which they believe makes no sense at all. “We did not know that we were supposed to do this because we already have PCR tests with us. We only found out yesterday and now we are in this queue for more tests”.

The couple feel happy that they are able to fly back tomorrow but added that they would not be taking another European holiday this year “not after all of this”.

“We feel really sorry for the Portuguese, all of the tourism businesses were beginning to open again, it really is terrible.”

Tania Bento was also in the queue for a Covid test at the airport, she is Portuguese but works in the UK and had been in the Algarve for a holiday. “I have been in the queue for an hour and 20 minutes already and there are more than 100 people in the queue, some of them kids and elderly people all in the sunshine.

“The testing should have been organised better because people are waiting a very long time.”

In Vilamoura, business owners told The Portugal News about their worries for the future following the decision. Owner of Don Toro restaurant, Pier D’ancona, was not optimistic about the coming tourism season. “I am worried. We were starting to see a recovery and some good movement with British clients but now we will have to see what is going to happen”.

This summer he does not plan to hire any extra staff for the tourism season because he feels the need to be careful and instead is counting on his family to help him in the restaurant.

"Last year we bought a lot of food in September and then the situation became difficult again because of the restrictions from the UK, we don't want to make the same mistake again, we have to flexible. This will affect us very much".

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