Nina Klunder is the owner and works as production coordinator on all productions and feature films. Production Algarve are working, since their start in 2011, on the promotion of the Algarve to foreign film production companies. Together with Spy Manor Productions they started in 2020 “The Algarve Film Collective”, a community of local film industry professionals. With this initiative they hope to transform the Algarve region and are trying to bring the film industry to the next level. This partnership enables both companies to “strengthen and grow future production facilitations”, which is a huge win for the Algarve. If you are a professional and interested in being a part of future productions, please join their Facebook group at

I had the pleasure of speaking with international freelance producer Harry Klunder, about new productions that are coming this year and a bit more about how they are trying to grow the Algarve Film Industry. Harry Klunder works (among others) for Production Algarve, as a production manager. He started his career as an international advertising photographer and later became actively involved in the film industry after moving to the Algarve in 1989. He is known in the industry for numerous successful film and TV productions, including “That good Night” starring John Hurt (2016), the Netflix series “The Disappearance of Madeline McCann” (2019), Feature films like “Mrs.Willoughby” (2019), “Mr. Mayfair” (2019) and soon to be released “There is Always Hope” (2020).

We went on to speak about what makes the Algarve so special when it comes to shooting films, and he told me “that the Algarve has enormous potential and that a surge in the number of international films filmed in the Algarve will follow as the film industry here is starting to grow.” Asides from the incredible climate which varies between 15º C and 40º C and over 300 days of sunshine per year, the Algarve is really the ideal place for shooting films. Production Algarve sees the potential of this paradise as there are many benefits of filming with them which includes: tax rebate incentives, easy access to permits, an experienced and well-coordinated crew, competitive rates and varied attractive locations, as it is well known that the Algarve has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Additionally, not only does the Algarve have the ability to tell a Portuguese story but also the possibility to contribute as international locations, due to its clear light, for example, California in the US, South Africa and various parts of Europe. There is also no language barrier, as almost everyone speaks a very good level of English and the Algarve has good infrastructure, such as roads and hotels. Finally, Faro airport is easily accessible and we are only a few hours away from Lisbon airport. Notably, they collaborate and have flawless support from the local Loulé Film Office authorities, which makes filming that much easier. Production Algarve really has it all covered as they “only concentrate on the Algarve and, due to the many years of local production service they know all the special spots and places and have location fixers managed to build up a good personal contact with the local authorities.”

After the extremely successful filming of the feature film “There is Always Hope”, last year in the Algarve, which was directed by Tim Lewinston and the production having been managed by Harry Klunder, there are a number of productions planned for this year in the Algarve, like a German TV film, two international car commercials, and several TV series. For more information about Production Algarve please kindly check out their website