The Portuguese press has today reported that Lisbon City Council sent the Russian authorities the names, addresses and contact details of three Russian protesters who, in January, took part in a protest, in front of the Russian embassy in Lisbon, for the release of Alexey Navalny, an opponent of the Russian Government.

“Given the gravity of these facts and admitting, for the moment, that we are only facing a situation of profound incompetence and not a deliberate action that would have yet another level of gravity, the Liberal Initiative demands that Fernando Medina and his team assume their responsibilities” the party said in a statement.

IL also wants the result of the internal investigation carried out by the Municipality of Lisbon to be made public and for the State to guarantee the safety of the citizens concerned and their respective families.

The party also wants to see clarified whether it is "normal practice to transmit this type of information to other States and, if so, how often and under what circumstances it has happened", as well as whether the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs was aware of this case.

“With this act of gross negligence, the Lisbon City Council has destroyed any confidence that might exist in the management of its executive and called into question the safety of the three citizens, two of them with Portuguese nationality, as well as their respective families”, they stressed.