Over the last 18 months local authorities alongside Penafiel’s “sentir Penafiel” campaign have injected money and countless man hours developing the surrounding infrastructure and sprucing the area up. New cobble roads, imported sand, tiki style table and chairs (each crowned with straw umbrellas) all helping to lure in locals and nature-loving tourists alike. A small café has recently opened offering beverages and snacks to its visitors (lest we forget their clean facilities). The widened riverside road offers ample parking for bathers, tanners and jet skiers(two landing ramps). A free public beach soccer pitch offers an excellent substitute for those less affectionate towards water and sun.

The surrounding countryside and narrow country roads offer alternate excursions (one can walk many miles without crossing paths with another soul) and the abundant variety of local flora and fauna attracting countless birds, beetles and bees. Forest and vineyard collide offering a very unique and less ventured destination (well compared to the Douro at least), very close to many destinations alongside the regional Rota do Romanico and just down the road from the legendary Menir De Luzim. For those with the sole ambition of enjoying beach and water, the fluvial beach offers between 300-400m of yellow large grained sand (from the surrounding yellow granite hillsides) and during summer a warm 18-21 degree swim. Highly recommended for families, couples and groups.