Therefore we were both very angry in that within just a few hours of arriving in Madeira the country was put on the amber list. This means on our return I cannot go back to work and run my business for an additional 10 days unless I take yet another PCR test.

I have to cancel two hospital appointments now due to enforced quarantine rules following the change despite our vaccination status.

We live in a really low Covid area with cases almost non existent are in a quiet private villa in Madeira and so highly unlikely we will get Covid.

Yet Michael Gove gets to go home from a football match in Porto, is told he has been in contact with someone with Covid but is allowed to carry on his duties regardless as long as he has a daily lateral flow test.

It is very unfair and absolutely barmy. What is the point in the UK having one of the best covid vaccination roll outs in the world yet treats its citizens with utter contempt.

Mark Harris,
By email