“The Algarve will continue on its path”

By Paula Martins, in Algarve · 11-06-2021 01:00:00 · 7 Comments

Despite thousands of departures from Faro airport, the President of Tourism of the Algarve, João Fernandes, has said that 6,000 Brits landed in Portugal over the weekend, which is a sign of trust in the country.

Last weekend we had about 20,000 British going back to the United Kingdom from Faro airport, but what is interesting is that we had about 6,000 British people, despite the new rules, arriving during the weekend, which is a clear sign of confidence in the Algarve at a time when the British government is forcing people to quarantine when they return”, João Fernandes told The Portugal News.

“We are aware that it was a political decision of the British government and it is unfair because when analysing the arguments we realise that these are rather weak arguments, refuted even by the British virologists. Therefore, the British government has the right to decide on the rules to be applied to British travel, but it must not present its decisions while damaging the image of other countries”, revealed João Fernandes.

In fact, Portugal was once again distinguished as a safe destination. “A report just came out last week from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, which is a European institution that evaluates the level of countries risk, and Portugal appears once again as one of the three countries with the fewest cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last two weeks”, he said.
For this reason, “the Algarve will continue its path of easing of lockdown, will maintain its activity with the national and international markets and will keep on welcoming all the British people who want to visit us”, said João Fernandes.

Thus, in addition to the United Kingdom, he also pointed as main markets for the Algarve, the domestic market but also countries such as France, Germany, Ireland, Spain and the Netherlands.

“During the summer the greatest demand is from national tourism, then we have a set of markets ranging from Germany, France, Netherlands, Ireland and Spain that are part of our main markets for the Algarve, but obviously we also continue to try to diversify our markets, like Belgium, Brazil, USA and Canada”, he said, admitting, however, that this transatlantic process will take longer to resume.

According to Fernandes, the Algarve Tourism Board has campaigns in more than eight European countries, including airlines and travel operators that are not dependent on this UK Government decision. One of them is with easyJet, which is going to decorate one of their aircrafts with the “visitAlgarve” logo to celebrate the inauguration, on 15 June, of a new easyJet base at Faro Airport.

For those who are still going back to the United Kingdom, João Fernandes informed, regarding the paperwork needed to return to the UK, namely the passenger locator form that has to be done online, that hotels are also prepared to deal with this if people ask for help and he suggested for tourists to do the paperwork in good time, without leaving it to the last minute.

Regarding testing, João Fernandes also recalled that the airport is supposed to be the a last resort and people shouldn’t be tested at the airport, “because there are more than 100 places in the Algarve where it is possible to do the test before going to the airport and where you won't have to wait so long”.

Finally, he recalled that the Algarve Tourism Board has created two support lines (+351 931 125 106 | +351 289 818 582) in order to help tourists in finding the closest lab to get their tests and provide any kind of support about the testing sites that tourists might need.

Paula Martins

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Iam travelling in the summer with my family to Algarve and question I have is, If one tests positive before returning to the UK what are the next steps? BR

By Jordan Smith from UK on 16-06-2021 12:16

I was today in the airport of faro. There was a free newspaper to take in the airport.
What is the name of the newspaper?
Lijst it

By Mylle from Other on 13-06-2021 06:00

Well done to the government of Portugal my son livs there for 5 years and we coming out there to visit him on 27th of June and we have done all what we have to do.

By Colin sparkes Sparkes from UK on 11-06-2021 05:07

Well done to the government of Portugal my son livs there for 5 years and we coming out there to visit him on 27th of June and we have done all what we have to do.

By Colin sparkes Sparkes from UK on 11-06-2021 05:05

Feel safer in Portugal regarding covid or crime activity, have been coming to Monte Gordo for over 35yrs, the British government should be ashamed of the way it has dealt with Portugal regarding covid.

By Allan Delargy from UK on 11-06-2021 04:05

We are still coming next week, having had covid last year and two vaccinations we know we will be just as safe in the Algarve as we will in the UK. We usually come for May and June and haven't been since 2019, we have missed our visits a great deal and will have to put up with only 2 weeks this year, but hopefully will be back for 2 months next year.

By linda from UK on 11-06-2021 11:45

There is no way that 20,000 Brits arrived.

By Carol from Algarve on 11-06-2021 09:35
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