Vaccination Discrimination

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Editor, It is now clear that expats with no SNS number will be very unlikely to receive a vaccination.

I’m over 50 and registered online using a Portuguese mobile number on the dedicated webpage for those without an NHS/SNS number. No problem! SMS or telephone call ever comes to schedule the vaccination day and time. I’ve physically gone to vaccination locations in Aljezur and Lagos to try there and been turned away with a printout of the URL to the site I already registered on weeks ago. Meanwhile, those in lower age brackets who have an SNS number are being vaccinated without delay.

James Harris,

By email


I have the same issue. Waiting for Utente since February. No Utente no vaccine.

By A from Lisbon on 17-06-2021 11:35

You are not alone. My husband (71) and I (69) have registered in Olivais months ago and haven't heard a thing. I called my doctor, who called other doctors, and my doctor was told that there is a special number that your local Centro de Saude can give as a health number. I have not yet gone back to my local health office to ask for this number. But that will be my next step. Best of Luck with obtaining the vaccination.

By Mary Munden from Lisbon on 11-06-2021 05:14

I am German and Resident in Portugal without SNS registration and I have exactly the same bad experiences. My local vaccination station adviced me to contact SNS and they adviced me back to contact my local vaccination station.
A boring circle!!!

By Rainer Gorris from Lisbon on 11-06-2021 09:45
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